Sorry about the smoke, Matt Bergles

Politicians are fun to make fun of. They have a tendency to put their feet in their mouths, make questionable decisions (depending on your political leanings) and generally look awkward. Some abuse their power, others abuse their power absolutely. A few sit around and do nothing.

But running for office is another story. It's hot, dirty and lonely. At least I'm guessing it is based on the plight of Matt Bergles, who knocked on my front door Saturday, looking for my vote.

Bergles is one of three Democrats running for state representative in House District 8. He faces a primary vote August 12 against Beth McCann and Cindy Lowery.

But on Saturday, the would-be representative was hoofing it around the Congress Park neighborhood, knocking on door after door, handing out flyers, getting e-mail addresses and encouraging people to vote.

It was hot and muggy outside, he was by himself, and while he was standing on my porch -- where I was a drinking a beer and barbequing -- a giant gust of smoke from by grill wafted into his eyes. It didn't look like a lot of fun.

Then again, running for office over the Fourth of July weekend is about as American as it gets. -- Jonathan Shikes

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