Bill Owens, meet Bill Owens.
Bill Owens, meet Bill Owens.

Sorry, Bill Owens, but Bill Owens won

Last night was a good one for Republicans, who won governor's seats in New Jersey and Virginia over opponents for whom President Barack Obama had actively campaigned. But the news wasn't as positive in a New York congressional race either for right-leaning residents of the area or a right-leaning former governor of Colorado.

Thanks to a schism among conservatives in what had seemed like a safe Republican district, Democrat Bill Owens earned a victory, thereby sentencing Colorado's Bill Owens to a term's worth of confusion. Yesterday, in the run-up to the vote, the Today show ran a photo of our Owens by mistake, prompting the former guv to say this to Channel 9's Adam Schrager: "I'm not seeking any more publicity or notoriety, so for a number of reasons, I'm hoping Bill Owens loses this election."

Didn't happen -- and now, the Bill Owens name will be associated in many minds with (eeesh!) liberalism. Tough luck, Colorado Bill.


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