South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone talk about the prophet Mohammad

Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the warped Colorado-bred minds behind

South Park

, are

the target of threats from a Muslim group

for showing the prophet Mohammad in a bear suit in a recent episode. Maybe that's why the latest full show available for viewing on

South Park's Comedy Central site

at this writing is the one needling Tiger Woods, who's unlikely to declare a jihad.

Neither the boys nor Comedy Central reps are talking right now -- but Parker and Stone were mighty chatty on the subject earlier this month in an extended Boing Boing interview accessible above. At just shy of the two minute mark, interviewer Xeni Jardin asks, in a hushed voice, "Is the prophet Mohammad going to be in it?" Stone, rocking a Denver Broncos shirt, responds, "We're definitely going to get on that issue," with Parker interjecting, "If they would let us show it, that would be great." Stone adds, "Basically they just heard today that we're going to do it again" -- a reference to an ep several years ago that's excerpted in the Boing Boing piece. "So we're just going to enter this whole thing, like we did back then..." Parker adds, "We'll see what they're going to let us do." Jardin then asks, "You're picking the same old fight?," to which Parker says, "We're having fun with the same old fight."

Well, maybe not that much fun...

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