Spammer Tries to Get Clicks With Bogus Obama Death Report

Few of us have positive thoughts about those nefarious techies who make their living clogging our e-mail in-boxes with mortgage deals, Viagra offers, pyramid schemes or cyber-bugs capable of reducing our computers to smoking heaps of rubble. But I've reserved a special place in Hades for the person or persons behind one particular piece of Spam I recently received -- one whose subject line reads, "Obama Found Dead in Shock Accident."

Fortunately, the poor grammar of this sentence prevented me from thinking for even an instant that the alleged event might have actually taken place. What -- I'm supposed to believe Obama died after dropping a fan in his bath water? Even so, the gall represented by this offhand use of death as a sales technique strikes me as monumental, especially given the offer the message delivered: "Check out the latest breakthrough in organ enlargement pills -- they really do work."

Not on the brain, they don't. -- Michael Roberts

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