Speculative Speechwriting: What If Obama Delivered His Nomination Acceptance Speech on May 22, Talk Like Yoda Day?

Gathered did a group of men in a hall like this one many years ago. And with simple words like these, launched did they America's improbable experiment in democracy, yessss. Farmers and scholars, they were; statesmen and patriots! Traveled across an ocean they did, to escape tyranny and prosecution and finally make real their declaration of independence. Put on paper, they did, the beginnings of the American Dream.

Today, before you all I stand, proud to an American be. Proud to represent you I am. And proud to accept your nomination to the office of President of the United States of America I am, yes!

But a long road before us we have, hmm? Long is the road behind us, full of both light and shadow, strength and weakness. But equally long is the road ahead; and bright it can be, if to fear we do not succumb. For fear is the path to the dark side. To anger it leads. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. And of suffering, we have seen enough. Wars, we have seen enough. Wars not make one great!

Said it is by some that one person cannot make a difference, but prove that wrong we can. We can, yes! Because one person can make a difference if they add their strength to that of others, and all together, all as one, great things they can move. But size matters not. Look at me—judge me by my size, do you? By my past? By the opinions of others about me? No. Hrm. Judge you should by word and deed, by intent and action, by promises and promises kept, yes.

Americans have too long been asked to stand by while others do the work, or too often fail to do the work required. Terrible things happen when good people stand by and do nothing. So do something we will. Work together for a brighter future, we will. Stand together, shoulder to shoulder, lending aid where we can, spreading justice where we're welcomed, challenging ourselves to achieve the greatness within us.

But we do or we do not. There is no try.

For too long have we as a nation been asked too little. Too long have we accepted less than our rightful charge. More important is our duty than that; more broad are our responsibilities. Better we are, than that shallow aim. Stronger we are in body and mind. Luminous beings we are…not this crude matter. There are larger things up to which we must live, yes! The promise of America, this is! But some of us no longer believe it. And that is why we fail.

But fail we must not! Remind each other of the potential within this nation we must. Rebuild, we can! We must! We will!

What will the coming years bring America? Hard to see…always in motion is the future. Unlearn what we have learned, we must. The deepest commitments, the most serious minds, we require. And when that we have achieved, we can then strive for the most powerful force of all. It surrounds us and binds us. We will feel it all around us, between you, me, the tree, the rock…everywhere. The American Dream it is, yes. And realize it for all people we can.

May the Force be with you, and may God bless the United States of America. -- Teague Bohlen

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