Spiral Frog, September 17

Here's a brief look at some of the items America is desperate to learn about today:

Spiral Frog Free music that won’t get you slapped with an RIAA subpoena! This ad-supported service promises unlimited downloads of music from its 700,000 song library. It works for TV, so why not? Of course, it’s all DRM protected and iPod incompatible, and you can’t burn it to CD, but hey, it’s free.

Blackwater Iraqi authorities have banned the controversial security firm Blackwater from operations in Iraq after a shootout killed multiple civilians. With tens of thousands of Blackwater mercenaries currently operating in country, the ban will leave some serious holes in the U.S. security operation. Looks like it’s time for another surge!

Constitution Day Our federal holiday celebrating the ratification of the U.S. Constitution is today. Ironically, the holiday that officially celebrates our Constitution was signed into law by George W. Bush, the man who’s done a pretty fine job of destroying it!

OJ Tape OJ Simpson was recently arrested for allegedly robbing a man of sports memorabilia at gunpoint. In an absolutely brilliant move, Simpson’s companion taped the confrontation and the audio is floating all over the Internet. Rumor has it that Simpson was merely gathering research for a book to be titled If I Did It 2: The Robbery Years.

Robert Jordan The author of the Wheel of Time series has died, leaving the twelfth book in the series unfinished and millions of geeks in suspense over how the epic saga ends. Fan fic authors are almost certainly now sending their material to his publisher, hoping to get the chance to make their version the official one. -- Cory Casciato

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