Spruce Mountain Open Space becomes canvas for lamest graffiti ever (PHOTOS)

Graffiti can be artistically fascinating or it can be simple vandalism. This is a post about the second kind. At least 33 different spots in the Spruce Mountain Open Space area have been tagged by folks with a skill mainly for despoiling nature. And the Douglas County Sheriff's Office is hoping you can ID the "artists" in question from their "work." Loads o' photos below.

Page through them following this DCSO release and maps of the area.

Douglas County Sheriff's Office release:

Douglas County Sheriff's Office is requesting the Public's Help in identifying graffiti in the Spruce Mountain Open Space near the Palmer Lake area

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is investigating graffiti that occurred sometime before March 17th 2011 in the area of Spruce Mountain Open Space.

Approximately 33 different locations and items were tagged (sprayed painted) with graffiti in the open space area to include rocks, signs and a park picnic table. The tagging included profanity and other verbiage.

Investigators are asking for the publics' help in identifying the markings or identifying those responsible for the graffiti. Information can be left on the tip line for the Special Investigations Unit, 303-784-7801.

Sheriff David A. Weaver would like the public to know "graffiti affects communities in many different ways, but the best tool to combat graffiti is to report it and then clean it up immediately. When citizens work together on keeping their neighborhoods and open space beautiful and safe it sends a very strong message to these criminals this is not tolerated in our communities", stated Sheriff Weaver.

The following are a few tips on preventing graffiti in your neighborhood:

• Keep up the appearance of your neighborhood. Remove litter and trash. Keep it neat and clean.

• Remove graffiti promptly. Rapid removal of graffiti is an effective prevention tool. Data shows that removal within 24 to 48 hours results in a nearly zero rate of recurrence.

• Report graffiti to the authorities right away.

• Talk to the youth in your neighborhood about the negative effect of graffiti and how not to get involved in this type of activity.

For more tips like these please go to www.graffitihurts.org

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