Sticking it to the Man

Scottie Ewing is wondering why the city is taking so long to give final approval to a liquor license application he submitted for his new club, Sugar House, at 1395 West Alameda Avenue. Well, perhaps a list will help the former pro skier turned party promoter make sense of it.

1) His mysterious ties to the local escort industry.

2) He used to own an underground swingers club.

3) He never informed former landlords their building was being used for sex parties.

4) He sued old landlords when they evicted him.

5) Before losing that case, hemade a complaint that resulted in many art galleries in Denver going dry.

6) He vowed that Sugar House would not permit sex, but…

7) He installed beds on top floor of new upscale club.

At least he got rid of the proposed showers.

UPDATE:Update: Sugar House gets its license. Ewing wins one for smarmy young professionals everywhere!

– Jared Jacang Maher


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