Stock Show visitors greeted by shadowy Globeville figures: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

The cowboy and cowgirl figures seen in the photograph above have "cut out" from the National Western Stock Show and have been seen in multiple locations in and around the Globeville neighborhood. The shadowy characters seem to enjoy hanging out in garden settings near barbecue pits. While the cutouts appear to be harmless, visitors attending the annual livestock show and Rodeo at the nearby Coliseum complex, they have also exhibited some suspicious activity... The casual stance of the cowpoke cutouts in the photo above seems to imply that the pair enjoy hanging out in the sun and visiting with other secular and sacred yard art decorations. However, there is something about the position of their legs and the tilt of the privacy fence on which they lean that suggests that the mischievous couple is bent on destruction. As the facial expressions of the figures are obscured in shadow, it is hard to read their intent. However, a general idea of the silhouettes objective may be gleaned from reports of where they have been spotted. Below, a cowboy cutout loiters near unattended vehicles... The body position of the shadowy silhouette pictured above suggests that this stockman is just resting before the next livestock sale or rodeo. That he is not positioned in front of a window indicates that he is not casing the joint. His disinterest in the parked vehicles suggests that he is not a car thief.

His position in the front porch area would hint that he is waiting for his Denver host, or hostess, to deliver him his morning coffee before returning to the arena to judge Holsteins. Probably just avoiding the glare of the Denver sun while nursing a hangover.

Welcome to Denver, National Western Stock Show visitors!

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