Stoner in University Hills has neighborhood rocking out: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

Yard Arteology: The study of neighbors through their lawn decoration... Marijuana smokers borrowed the term "stoned" from rock stackers, who coined the word to describe the expanded awareness needed for communicating with rocks. The rock-stack picture above suggests that the yard artist is just beginning his mystical journey. Below, the expanded view of the yard shows how this particular stoner likes to rock.. The rocks that lay on the ground in the picture above intimate that there are certain days when some rocks do not want to be a part of a rock stack. The posts holding a single stone imply that when they are ready, the rocks will call out to the yard artist and agree to participate in a rock stack. The rock stacks featuring two or more stones hint that the weight of each of the rocks is variable. That no larger rocks sit on smaller rocks, and that each of the rock stacks is only a one-or-two-hitter, indicates that this rock stacker has never been fully stoned. As seen below, some rock stackers are stone-poled cheaters... The rocks seen in the photograph above have all been drilled and stacked on a metal pole. This rock stack treatment suggests that the stacker does not have enough patience to spend a lot of time getting his life in balance. The evenly shaped stones propose that this is a yard artist of fixed beliefs. Anchoring the stones to a metal pole hints at a shallow understanding of stone stacking and insinuates that this individual will never experience the evolutionary shifts in perception needed for the generous gifts of insight that bring dramatic happiness to life.

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