Stoner MacGyver marijuana product review: Enjoy Jars

Now and then, companies send us medical marijuana-related products ranging from vaporizers to board games. We showcase them in our quasi-regular product review section, Stoner MacGyver. The latest? Enjoy Jars. Enjoy! Jars Airtight Weed Jar Retail price: $14.20 for a single jar, discounts with multiple orders. Where to find them: Our take: I understand that not everyone wants to carry four strains of marijuana with them at all times. And even those who do have a use for a jar like this are probably excessive/compulsive to some degree. I should know, as I fit into the latter category quite nicely.

The plastic jar (made right here in 'Merica, bubba) has been designed so that the four compartments are completely separated, unlike similar products such as Dragon Chewer jars, which have a removable divider and often let shake migrate from compartment to compartment. You can also label the compartments with a Sharpie marker, which wipes off easily with rubbing alcohol when it's time to switch out strains.

The Enjoy Jar top fits snugly on top of the dividers and let just a few crumbs of bud through to an unused compartment after I threw it in my backpack and went for a bike ride around City Park. Also, as promised, the jar is relatively smell-proof. Left in my car overnight with some stinky Sour Diesel, it kept the funk leakage to a minimum.

It also passed my completely unscientific dog test, whereby my pooch, who tends to recoil at the smell of ganja, was presented with the closed jar. He sniffed at it and looked at me like I was an idiot instead of running off immediately.

Inside of the jar, though, smell does get blended to some degree. I dropped a healthy-smelling cut of OG in one compartment and some bland-smelling Killer Queen leftover from an old review in another, and sure enough, the Killer Queen picked up some perfume after a few hours in the jar. No big deal, really, as the flavors were still distinct. The jar is also "water resistant," which means it can take getting slightly wet, but won't handle a dunking in water. As such, I wouldn't take this on any rafting trips and fully expect it to keep your herb dry.

Downsides are that it's really too big for a pocket, unless you are still rocking cargo pants. Even then, this would be a knee-clunker for sure. The top also doesn't feel very secure, and less than a full turn will unscrew it completely. A cotton-carrying case is included to keep things together, but I feel that putting a larger threading on it would make me feel more secure about carrying it around. Finally, the cost is a bit prohibitive -- especially when you can get more than a dozen mason jars for about the same price.

My more personal drawback to purchasing these, though, is that the company logo is suspiciously similar to the LA Lakers logo. As a Nuggets fan, it is hard to justify supporting the Lakers, even when it's merely implied by association. To escape the guilt, I tagged my jar with a Nuggets-blue Sharpie marker.

Considering that a night away from home for me often requires a kit of lighters, grinders, papers, stash jars and occasionally a bulletproof and padded case for my glass pipes, this would cut down on some of the clutter. In short: I'm prepared like a weed Boy Scout when I leave the house, and this is like the Swiss Army Knife of jars.

If this type of thing actually makes sense to you too, like it does to me, then you can snag your own online at If not, I'm sure a few mason jars will continue to serve your needs just as well.

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