Stoner MacGyver marijuana product review: The Kashtray

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Now and then, companies send us medical marijuana-related products ranging from vaporizers to board games. We showcase them in our quasi-regular product review section, Stoner MacGyver. The latest? The Kashtray The Kashtray "When your bowl is kashed, it's got your ash" Retail price: $19.99 for a single Kashtray, discounts with wholesale orders. Where to find them: www.kashtray.com

Creator Jason Delickta said the idea for the Kashtray came to him one day back in the early 2000s when he was living in Boulder with his girlfriend, who at the time was taking a pottery class at CU. A true Stoner MacGyver, Delickta figured there had to be a better way to cash out his pipes without having a sticky, resin-covered piece of coat hanger wire in his ashtray all the time. He also wanted something less abusive on a glass piece than the champagne corks glued into ashtrays that his friends were using.

He says he went with his girlfriend to the studio one night, and the first Kashtray was born from a lump of ceramic. He says he originally drilled into the dried ashtray with a masonry bit and glued a finish nail upright to complete the piece. He says he has used his prototype steady for ten years without ever drawing blood or breaking a pipe until he put it away in storage four years ago around the time of a move to Taiwan. Then, last summer, Delickta says he was cleaning out his storage unit and found his invention and had a flash of stoner brilliance. There's a big ceramics industry in Taiwan and marijuana is a huge industry in the states. Putting the two together was simple math. He says he made his way back to Taiwan, went to a do-it-yourself pottery studio to make a new prototype and sent it off to a factory to be replicated. My first thought when I pulled out the Kashtray from it's package at the Westword office was: "This thing is awesomely dangerous." For those who've worked in the restaurant industry, it's akin to a check ticket spike in its level of hand-impalement ease. That said, the ticket spike has been in existence for who knows how many decades and they're still manufactured under the assumption that it's your own dumb-ass fault if you drive the thing through the palm of your hand.

Other minor issues come up with the Kashtray when you're an idiot like me -- such as a random arm scratch from reaching across your desk too quickly. To solve that problem, I stick a cork on the nail when it's not in use.

There are other dangers inherent in the Kashtray one must be aware of -- primarily, that you can easily snap the bowl of a glass piece if you work it too hard while cashing out the bowl. I've broken many an inexpensive spoon pipe like this just using a poker, so I was extra cautious the first few times I used the nail. But after about a week or so, the feeling becomes more normal and I stopped freaking out about snapping bowls, especially when I had done my best to cash the thing out by smoking it before.

If you're the type who packs a tight bowl and only smokes half or so before cashing it out, this might not be the best option for you. Also, the thing isn't that deep and if you puff like I do, you'll be cleaning it out every day or so. That's actually not a bad thing to get in the habit of, though.

That said, the Kashtray ended up passing my completely unscientific product testing with flying colors. See, I've got a cork-centered ashtray that a college roommate made for me a long time ago that has been my go-to for nearly a decade. After two weeks of literally side-by-side comparison, it was pretty apparent that the Kashtray had won me over.

At $20 a pop, it is on the spendy side and I'm not going to argue that it does a better job than a paperclip would. But it is a cool accessory for those of you who own pipes worth more than the beater car I drive. Twenty bucks keeps your fingers free of resin and your bowls cleaned while adding an air of danger to your otherwise mundane and stoned day.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.