Do you really want to know?

T-shirt asks: What Would Jay Cutler Do? But do we really want to know?

Call me crazy, but I have to think the guy who printed this "What Would JC Do?" T-shirt is second-guessing himself a little these days. Because while Cutler still has a chance to one day become the Broncos' floppy-haired, doughy-cheeked Messiah, in recent weeks he's been playing more like Judas, selling Denver out with costly picks and grade-school-playground body language.

With the Broncos carrying a three-game losing streak into Cleveland and their stock falling like an actual, non-metaphorical stock, it's just not a question people want to ponder when they look in the mirror during halftime. 'Cause they won't like the answer:

What Would JC Do? Judging by his recent history, he'd pop off about having a stronger arm than John Elway (an actual Denver deity), try to prove his case by forcing throws into double coverage, make junior-college-caliber misreads, pout endlessly and give some of the most eye-stabbingly annoying post-game press conferences in the already unimpressive history of post-game press conferences.

Oh yeah, and he'd endorse McDonalds. As a diabetic.

Yeah, I think we may have been a little premature with the whole Second Coming motif. Just a thought. -- Joe Tone

UPDATE: The guys who made the shirt do not seem to be having second thoughts. They will, however, be making second shirts.

Designer Rob Bell and money-man John McCaskill just told me while they did get heckled steadily while selling the shirts at Sunday's game -- "What would JC do? Throw an interception!" -- they still sold a handful and have more on pre-order. Along with Bell's girlfriend, Kirsten Farabi, they're also working on a new design, the "Eddie Royal with Cheese" shirt, and will have some Nuggets shirts this winter. They'll market the new gear under their new company, Derailed Ink. They're still working on a web site.

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