Tagging Globeville

Tagging -- the use of enigmatic designs sometimes symbolizing gang associations -- is an increasing problem for Denver and other big cities, so it may be a little surprising that a group called Your Name in Graffiti ( wound up with a public art commission.

But that’s the case with two murals just completed on the walls of the Globeville Pool in Argo Park near the corner of East 47th Avenue and Logan Street. On the exterior wall facing the park is a view of Aztec sculptures while on the wall facing the pool is a whimsical scene of undersea life (pictured). Stylistically, the murals are strictly representational and lack the pizzazz of actual graffiti, but the technique employed by the four artists involved -- spray paint in aerosol cans -- is straight out of the tagging tradition. The four are Keith White, Joe Gerhardt, Josh Rogers and Robin Monroe, all of whom have corny nicknames: “Lemon” (White), “Wiser” (Gerhardt), “Kanz” (Wiser), and “Dread” (Monroe), in imitation of real street artists.

YNIG have been together as a group since 2006 with the aim to “create an understanding and appreciation of graffiti” and to educate “the public about urban art” in order to provide young people with “a legitimate, positive outlet to express their talents and develop as professional artists.” As part of those goals, YNIG developed a weekly program of instruction in aerosol painting for kids in the Globeville neighborhood.

The YNIG murals at the Globeville Pool will be dedicated today, Wednesday, June 4, in a poolside ceremony at 3 p.m. Councilwoman Judy Montero officiating and the artists will be there. As part of the event, YNIG members will present painting demonstrations. For info, call 720-865-4313 or go to “public art” at -- Michael Paglia

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