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Talk About Scary: When Halloween Ends, the Vote Counting Begins

The Jefferson County recall election is in the money!

Once Halloween's over, what are you going to do for fun? How about hit a movie theater? Our list of the Ten Best Film Events in Denver in November is packed with options, starting with the 38th annual Denver Film Festival.  

The election is only days away, and even though it's an off-year, the race is definitely on in Jefferson County, where the school-board recall is getting ugly...and expensive. Colorado Ethics Watch has been on the case, and the Colorado Independent looked into the big bag of out-of-state contributions fueling these campaigns; read its Jeffco report here

After a fire last summer, the Rocky Flats Lounge — a classic dive for decades, and a favorite bar for cheeseheads — won't reopen in time for the Broncos-Green Bay Packers game. What's a fan to do on November 1? These Rocky Flats Lounge regulars have a plan.

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