Tase a young deer when it gets into your house? Doe!

A young deer recently got the shock of its life -- not once, not twice, but three separate times.

According to the Columbine Courier, a deer estimated at one year of age recently fell into a window well of a house on Marsh Hawk Lane and wound up in the basement. Jeffco Sheriff's Office reps alerted to the situation called the Division of Wildlife, whose personnel arrived shortly thereafter and brainstormed about what to do next.

Should they shoot it with a tranquilizer dart? No, that might kill the lil thing. Gang tackle it and force it outside? Maybe -- but why not tase it instead? Wouldn't that be safer?

So the three men went into separate rooms and launched their plan. Deputy one tased Bambi, who ran into an adjacent room -- where deputy two tased it again. The deer reacted by trying to run up a wall: understandable! But that gave officer one the chance to put his taser against the critter's back and deliver more jolt.

That did the trick. The deer landed in a heap, giving the men the chance to carry it outside, where, the Courier says, "it ran away without any visible signs of harm" -- but probably with a burning hatred for all mankind. Tase that!

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