Tasing in Leadville: It wasn't as funny as it was in The Hangover, was it, kids?

Today's lesson, students, is a reminder that things you see in movies may not be quite as amusing if you try to reenact them in real life. Take the Taser scene from The Hangover, on view above. Hilarious! Rob Riggle has never been more funnier (or funny at all, frankly). But the thirty Lake County high schoolers who asked an astonishingly gullible deputy to tase them during a career fair, essentially reversing the flick's gag, discovered that being jolted by the device isn't like getting an electric shock when touching a doorknob. According to the Denver Post, several suffered burns, with one requiring treatment at a local emergency room. They're lucky the deputy concentrated on legs. Doubt if anyone would have been laughing if he'd had reason to shout out, "In the face!"

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