Taylor Jo Mathis: Mug shot released of alleged driver in hit-and-run caught on video

Update: The Denver Police Department has released a booking photo of Taylor Jo Mathis, the 21-year-old who's accused of having been behind the wheel during an ugly hit-and-run. The crash, which seriously injured two people, was caught on surveillance video on view below. See a larger version of Mathis's mug shot, followed by our earlier coverage. Original item, 8:02 a.m. January 26: In most hit and run incidents, we see evidence of the crime after the fact -- the battered bodies, the damaged vehicles and so on. But in the case of a crash at the intersection of East Colfax and Ogden Street on Monday night, there's something extra. Denver Police have surveillance footage showing the accident itself, complete with a shot of a body flying after being struck by a vehicle cops believe was driven by Taylor Jo Mathis, 21. See it below.

According to CBS4, witness Ashley Woodard and a friend were heading eastbound on Colfax where they saw a man and a woman standing in the middle of the street. "My driver Paige said, 'What are they doing? Why are they in the middle of the street? They're going to get hit,'" Woodard recalled, adding, "Literally as she said, 'They're going to get hit,' they got hit."

Did they ever. The vehicle, a white 2007 Kia, can be seen in the video plowing directly into the couple, causing the man to go airborne, arms and legs outspread. Hard to imagine the impact wasn't felt, but the driver appears to have continued down the road at an impressive clip.

Woodard and her friend stopped, dialed 911 and did their best to comfort the victims until emergency personnel arrived. This was hardly a simple task, given the extent of their injuries. The man reportedly broke both his legs, while the woman suffered a broken hip.

Because the collision took place in such a busy location, however, Woodard and her companion weren't the only witnesses. Before long, the police had a license plate number supplied by someone who actually followed the Kia after the crash, as well as the surveillance footage. Before long, they'd narrowed their search to Mathis, who was arrested on investigation of leaving an accident scene marked by serious bodily injury.

Thus far, no mug shot of Mathis has been shared pending photo lineups. Neither has there been any information released about the possible involvement of alcohol or the like.

Look below to see the video in a 9News report.

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