Ten best marijuana gifts of 2012

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It's been a big year for marijuana in the state of Colorado, and for a few stoners who've been nice this year, it's about to get even better. Have pot lovers on your list and no idea what stocking stuffers they'd like? Forget the malls. Forget even SkyMall. We've lined up the top ten must-haves for the cannabis connoisseur in your life in our Stoner MacGyver holiday gift guide. 10. A personal vaporizer Over the last year or so we've reviewed a few stealth, e-cigarette styled personal vaporizers, ranging from glycerin-based mixtures that vaporize with a not-so-obvious smell to full-on hash oil-burning vaporizers so small they could be confused for a lipstick case or a small lighter. Price ranges from $70 to $150, but we found our favorite on the low end of that scale in The Cloud. While the vaporized hash oil isn't as inconspicuous as other mixtures when burned, the ability to pull full hits of high-strength concentrate without an expensive glass oil bubbler and blow torch make The Cloud unbeatable. Snag one at shops like Heady Glass or forget the holiday traffic and order online at GotVape.com. 9. A variety pack of Colorado cannabis seeds Why chop down your Christmas tree when you can actually grow one, then smoke it? Over the past three years, Colorado has quite literally become the breeding ground for some of the world's best cannabis. In light of that, bolster your genetic reserves with beans from New House Seeds, T.H. Seeds, Reserva Privada Colorado, Rare Dankness and even Centennial Seeds, if you can still manage to find them for sale. Since ordering seeds online isn't technically legal, your best bet as a medical marijuana patient is to find seeds for sale in your local dispensaries. Check www.weedmaps.com to see who has what; most seed packs sell for around $40-60. 8. A year's supply of rolling papers While simple, this is a gift that keeps on giving to the medical marijuana puffer in your life. Even a single case of papers from RAW means no more running out of papers. You'll also get a much better price: a box of fifty packs of king-size papers will run you about $55 and contains a whopping1,600 papers. Considering king-size papers can run as high as $3 a pack, it's well worth it. Best bet for the cheapest price is online through sites like Rollingpaperdepot.com.

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7. Grinder Card from V Syndicate A great gift to pair up with the box of rolling papers, or just as a cheapo stocking stuffer for that puffer friend of yours. It's basically a credit card-sized cheese grater made of thin aluminum that fits neatly in your wallet. They work great for when you want to break up your stash to roll a spliff on the go but don't want to carry around a large grinder. Creators V Syndicate offers the grinder with a variety of designs, including a line inspired by Snoop Dogg. You can also find custom designs made for local dispensaries like The Clinic. For the sub-$10 pricetag, you really can't find a more useful cannabis product. Get the Grinder Card at local headshops or order online at rollingpaperdepot.com 6. Books on cannabis Books on cannabis are the perfect choice for that know-it-all smoker who really doesn't know much of anything. Super Charged by Jim Rendon and Smoke Signals by Martin A. Lee are two 2012 titles that should be in every pot-friendly bookcase (preferably next to your stash box). Rendon's book reads like a neophyte's primer on marijuana while detailing how the cannabis industry -- legal and illegal -- came to be in the United States. In his book, Lee takes a much broader approach and details a social history of cannabis for the last thousand years, from ancient Africa to the first synthesization of THC in the '60s and the ongoing fight for cannabis freedom in this country. It's a history lesson on the plant, without feeling like a lecture. Find both volumes on Amazon.com for $25-$35. 5. Incredibowl mini with assorted expansion chambers I know there's really no need for this much technology in a pipe, but the proof is in the pudding: These pipes rip. The folks at Incredibowl make two designs, and by far we prefer the miniature m420 design for portability and functionality. Stick with the stock tube for a turbocharged one-hitter or throw the spring-loaded carb system on one of the many glass and acrylic extensions -- like the footlong tube that turns the pipe into a waterless bong, or the more stylish glass Sherlock curve. Both expand the smoke and deliver an extremely flavor-filled hit each time. The basic m420 will set you back about $55, and additional pieces like the bubbler and Sherlock will add another $70 or so.

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4. Hash bags No, not huge bags of hash (though that would be nice). I'm talking about a set of mesh screens with which you can start making your own hash. If you don't have your own trim, medical marijuana dispensaries often sell shake for highly discounted prices. Other than that, it takes a little skill and patience and a lot of ice and purified water -- but you almost always come up with something worth smoking. You can pick up bags from several different manufacturers and designers, including local company Essential Bags. A set of five sifting screens for a five-gallon bucket will run you anywhere from $80 to $120. To pick up hash bags in Colorado, check out www.thetrimshop.org 3. Hitman glass torch tube What do you get the glass head who has everything? A pipe that spits fucking fire and self-heats the titanium nail from which you dab your concentrates. That's what. The minds at Hitman have been cranking out these torch tubes for a few years now, but in 2012 they really went nuts and have been putting out some crazy designs ranging from Transformers shooting butane-fueled guns to dragons breathing blue-hot heat. They'll cost you as much as a good used car, though. And finding one for sale is even more difficult. Your best bet? Grasscity.com forums and Aqualabtechnologies.com 2. Volcano vape Still the most expensive and yet still the holy grail of vaporizers. Brand new, these hot-air machines sell for $539 for the classic model and as much as $670 for the upgraded version with a digital readout. Even used on Craigslist, they sell for upwards of $350...all for something that essentially blows hot air over your stash to fill up a glorified turkey bag with vapor. But it works every single time. Ripping a couple of bags filled with some solid OGs sets me straight for hours -- and without burning herb and putting hot, harsh smoke in your lungs. Getting one of these for your pot-loving girlfriend or boyfriend is pretty much akin to an engagement ring: They'll love you forever either way.

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1. The legalization of marijuana across America in 2013 A lofty goal? Sure, but what a great gift that would be. Happy holidays.

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