Ten Colorado Counties With the Lowest Obesity Rates

We recently shared a list of the ten Colorado counties with the highest obesity rates.

Now, it's time to look at the data, derived from 2012 Centers for Disease Control figures and compiled by FindTheBest.com, from another angle.

Below, see the ten Colorado counties with the lowest obesity rates — numbers that annually help Colorado rank among the least obese states in the U.S.

Also included is a FindTheBest.com heat map that allows you to get obesity figures for every county in Colorado and across the country. Get even more information with a click.

Check it all out below.

Number 10: Custer County
Obesity rate: 15.28 percent

Number 9: Elbert County
Obesity rate: 15.24 percent

Number 8: Delta County
Obesity rate: 15.08 percent

Number 7: Denver County
Obesity rate: 14.43 percent

Number 6: Garfield County
Obesity rate: 14.25 percent

Number 5: Douglas County
Obesity rate: 13.43 percent

Number 4: Eagle County
Obesity rate: 13.13 percent

Number 3: Summit County
Obesity rate: 12.71 percent

Number 2: La Plata County
Obesity rate: 12.67 percent

Number 1: Boulder County
Obesity rate: 11.83 percent

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