Ten Kinds of Colorado Workers Who Have the Hardest Time Making Rent

Make Room describes itself as a "nationwide campaign giving voice to renters."

And new data released by the organization shows how many people in our state struggle to pay rent from month to month.

The site estimates that 370,000 Colorado workers meet its criteria for being rent-burdened; rent and utility bills eat up more than 30 percent of their pre-tax income on a monthly basis.

In addition, Make Room has come up with stats about the ten industries whose employees have the most difficulty making rent in Colorado, as well as their percentage of rent-burdened Colorado workers as a whole.

Count down the photo-illustrated rent-burdened worker specialties below, followed by a Make Room graphic that shows how the number of rent-burdened Coloradans has grown from 2005 to 2014. For more information about Make Room, click here.

10: Cashiers

Number of rent-burdened workers: 13,000

Percentage of all rent-burdened workers: 3.5 percent

9. Production Workers

Number of rent-burdened workers: 16,000

Percentage of all rent-burdened workers: 4.3 percent

8. Education and Training

Number of rent-burdened workers: 17,000

Percentage of all rent-burdened workers: 4.6 percent

7. Managers

Number of rent-burdened workers: 19,000

Percentage of all rent-burdened workers: 5.0 percent

6. Personal Care and Services

Number of rent-burdened workers: 19,000

Percentage of all rent-burdened workers: 5.1 percent

Continue to keep counting down the industries with the most rent-burdened workers in Colorado, plus stats about the growing number of rent-burdened people in the state.

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