Ten more weird movie references to Colorado

Earlier this month, when we shared a post featuring ten weird movie references to Colorado, we asked if there were any of your favorites we'd missed.

Turns out there were plenty -- more than enough for another great collection, featuring everyone from Jack Nicholson and Marilyn Monroe to Robert Downey Jr. and Will Ferrell. Check them out below, complete with photos and links to the scripts.

Number 10: Jerry Maguire Matt: What happened to Denver? Jerry: Denver got very silent about a day ago. San Diego's got a fever for Cush. This stuff tends to happen the night before a draft. People get crazy. Number 9: Saving Private Ryan Wade: I'm Wade, that's spelled W-A-D-E. I'm small but wiry, with piercing, steel-gray eyes and a rough-hewn but handsome face, I'm from Colorado, my father's a mining engineer, don't you take notes? Page down to see more of our ten weird movie references to Colorado. Number 8: The Shining Jack: Well, I'm looking for a change. Ullman: Our people in Denver recommended Jack very highly, and for once I agree with them. Number 7: UHF Bum: Hey! Hey, I know you! You're the guy that gave me that double dye Denver Mint penny!Thanks a lot, mister! That thing was worth a fortune! After I cashed it in, I had enough money to buy a whole bunch of, I got this neat watch. Page down to see more of our ten weird movie references to Colorado. Number 6: Footloose Reverend Shaw: I was down in Denver last year for about a week at a Bible convention. And the whole time I was there, people would come up and ask me, "Reverend, how can you live in such a small town, so far from the hustle and bustle of the 20th century?" I'd say to them, "You'd never ask me that if you could just once, just for one minute, experience the feeling of family that comes from knowing that all of our lives are tied up with each of us." Number 5: Misery Annie: I'll get you everything you want, but you must listen first. Sometimes my thinking is a little muddy, I accept that. It's why I couldn't remember all those things they were asking me on the witness stand in Denver. But this time I thought clearly. I asked God about you and God said, "I delivered him unto you so that you may show him the way." Page down to see more of our ten weird movie references to Colorado. Number 4: Almost Famous Penny Lane: This is Beth from Denver. She's one of the legendary, original Band Aids. -- She's clairvoyant! Beth from Denver: I can't read your mind or anything. I mean, I pick up things here and there. Number 3: The Seven Year Itch Richard: Take my word for it. No sugar in a martini. The Girl: Back home they put sugar in martinis. Richard: Back home where? The Girl: Denver, Colorado. Page down to see more of our ten weird movie references to Colorado. Number 2: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Harry: Take a guy who sleeps with 100 women a year, go into his childhood. Dollars to doughnuts, it's relatively unspectacular. Now, you take one of these gals who sleeps with 100 guys a year, and I belt if you look in their childhood, there's something rotten in Denver. Harmony: Denmark. Harry: That, too! Number 1: Blades of Glory Chazz: We love you, Denver! City by the bay! John Denver!

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