Photos below.
Photos below.

Ten most intimidating mug shots of 2011

It's that time again, when we round up the most memorable mug shots of the year. We'll share a slew of collections for the next couple of weeks, leading up to our top choices -- an array so hefty that a single blog post won't be able to contain them.

First, though, scare yourself straight, in a manner of speaking, by checking out the most intimidating images of 2011 -- and be sure to click on the links to check out our original coverage.

Read more in "Herbert Dailey: Sex offender suspeced of assault on 20-year-old nabbed after bicycle violation."

Read more in "Wes Specht: Sex assault bust for 'Wild Man' Alameda High coach, 3 staffers put on leave."

Read more in "Theresa Laswell charged with pimping child while "bottom bitch" for brother Christian."

Read more in "Clifton Ray Williams arrested in alleged Taser attack & kidnapping on South Broadway."

Read more in "Anthony Harvey, home decor expert -- and drug-ring leader, claims indictment (VIDEOS)." Page down for more intimidation.

Read more in "Ryan Matthews, dog trainer, gets jail-time after allegedly slamming own dog's head through wall."

Read more in "Bret Lee Thompson: Alleged child sex assaulter found sleeping in van behind NJ Walmart."

Read more in "Randy Cleveland, firefighter & alleged abuser, said to have been high-fived by friendly cops."

Read more in "Lee Grace Dougherty shot after car flip in wild roundup of the Dougherty gang."

Read more in "Chester Gray, Frank Devoe, Ryann Pangle: Did they pimp, beat 17-year-old who tried to split?"

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