Ten of Our Stories About Planned Parenthood, Reproductive Rights, Abortion

Ten of Our Stories About Planned Parenthood, Reproductive Rights, Abortion
Kate McKee-Simmons
Nearly 4,000 people have said they will attend Colorado Stands With Planned Parenthood, a protest outside Republican Senator Cory Gardner's Denver office, 1125 17th Street, scheduled from 1 to 3 p.m. today, February 11. Protest organizers will gather donations for Planned Parenthood and letters to Gardner demanding that the Republican stand against any moves in Congress to defund the health-services provider.

As the first state to legalize abortion and home to Dr. Warren Hern, one of the country's only late-term-abortion providers, Colorado has always played a big role in the reproductive-rights debate. Here we've corralled ten of our stories about reproductive issues and how they've played out over the years in Colorado.
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1. Colorado Was First State to Legalize Abortion: Why Are We Still Talking About It?
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Kate McKee-Simmons
2. The Fight of Their Lives
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3. From My Teenage Years to Today: Thank You, Planned Parenthood
Michael Roberts
4. Six Myths About Abortion From Katha Pollitt

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