Ten of the Biggest Speed Traps in Denver So Far in 2017

Additional images below.
Additional images below. Thinkstock file photo
Figuring out the Denver streets where drivers are most likely to get speeding tickets right now turned out to be more complicated than expected.

When we requested data from the Denver Police Department for the ten metro-area intersections with the most accidents, as shared in a recent post, we also asked for information about the ten spots that generated the most speeding citations. What the DPD provided, however, was a massive spreadsheet that listed all the speeding violations recorded in Denver between January 1 and March 6, 2017 — more than 4,500 of them — rather than a straightforward top-ten list.

The reason DPD technicians didn't sort the info, as explained by spokesman Doug Schepman, is that the items, assembled from court data, aren't consistent. Some are entered by intersection, others by block number, with references to directions (westbound, eastbound, etc.) and even spelling varying widely from incident to incident.

Nonetheless, we've tried our best to make sense of this enormous numbers pileup. The results are below, and while we can't say definitively that these ten street locations qualify as the biggest speed traps in Denver during the first two months-plus of the year, it's clear that a lot of citations were handed out in these areas over that span, with three of them topping the 100-ticket mark by our very conservative calculations.

Continue to see the ten locations, as illustrated by screen captures from Google Maps. That's followed by the DPD spreadsheet, so you look up streets near you where easing off the gas would probably be a good idea.

click to enlarge Colfax at Tennyson. - GOOGLE MAPS
Colfax at Tennyson.
Google Maps
Location: Colfax and Tennyson

Number of citations issued between January 1 and March 6: At least 166

click to enlarge E-470 and Peña Boulevard. - GOOGLE MAPS
E-470 and Peña Boulevard.
Google Maps
Location: E-470 ramp to Peña Boulevard

Number of citations issued between January 1 and March 6: At least 108

click to enlarge Park Avenue and Globeville. - GOOGLE MAPS
Park Avenue and Globeville.
Google Maps
Location: Park Avenue and Globeville

Number of citations issued between January 1 and March 5: At least 104

click to enlarge Mississippi at Tejon. - GOOGLE MAPS
Mississippi at Tejon.
Google Maps
Location: Mississippi at Tejon

Number of citations issued between January 1 and March 5: At least 88

click to enlarge The 4100 block of Lowell. - GOOGLE MAPS
The 4100 block of Lowell.
Google Maps
Location: 4100 block of Lowell

Number of citations issued between January 1 and March 5: At least 73

Continue to see five more of the biggest speed traps in Denver between January 1 and March 6, 2017.

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