Ten States Where Couples Try Hardest to Get Pregnant & Where Colorado Finishes

When couples are trying to get pregnant, how hard do they work at it? In other words, how many times per month do they have sex?

These are among the questions the folks at Ovuline.com set out to answer.

The Boston-based company behind Ovia, a pregnancy-tracking app, has plenty of data on the question, since participants "track their information daily — including menstrual periods, moods, cervical fluid and sexual intercourse — to see when they’re most fertile," according to the site.

The result is a chart the company says is based on "4.35 million instances of sex and tens of millions of data points from hundreds of thousands of Ovia users across the U.S."

Which states came out on top, as it were? And how did Colorado do? Pretty well, as it turns out — although the couples here will have to pick up the pace if they want to compete with the busiest states in the union, including two of our neighbors.

Count down the top ten below — and for even more information, click here.

Number 10: Wisconsin
Sexual intercourse per month: 6.48

Number 9: South Dakota
Sexual intercourse per month: 6.5

Number 8: Montana
Sexual intercourse per month: 6.67

Number 7: New Hampshire
Sexual intercourse per month: 6.69

Number 6: Colorado
Sexual intercourse per month: 6.71

Number 5: Iowa
Sexual intercourse per month: 6.83

Number 4: Wyoming
Sexual intercourse per month: 6.9

Number 3: Nebraksa
Sexual intercourse per month: 6.92

Number 2: Vermont
Sexual intercourse per month: 6.94

Number 1: Idaho
Sexual intercourse per month: 7

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