Ten Things You Probably Did While Snowed In

This weekend's snowstorm wasn't of historic proportions, but plenty of people treated it as if it had been.

In much of the city, traffic ranged from much less than usual to practically nonexistent and usually crowded store aisles were all but deserted — except for before the flakes started falling, when they frantically stocked up on provisions.

What did folks along the Front Range do to pass the hours while stuck inside? Probably all or some of these ten things.

Number 10:
Watch five episodes of Friends back to back to back to back to back.
Number 9:
Conduct a highly scientific experiment to determine the best flavor of Doritos.

Number 8:
Time how long it takes your beard to defrost after shoving the driveway for the ninth time.

Number 7:
Answer phone calls from elderly relatives freaked out by TV coverage who are sure you've been completely buried in a Snowpacalypse.

Number 6:
Dig out all the Christmas sweaters you just put away during our recent warm spell.

Number 5:
Dress up your dog in adorable snow gear and then feel embarrassed and ashamed afterward.

Number 4:
Lay low in case anyone sees what taking knit hats on and off has done to your hair.

Number 3:
Freak out when you realize how big your laundry pile has grown due to wearing extra layers of clothes.

Number 2:
Watch five episodes of Friends in a row — and only figure out afterward that they were the same five you watched the day before.

Number 1:
Stock up on pregnancy tests — because you could need one a few weeks from now.
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