"Liberal" isn't the slur it used to be.

Ten words to replace "liberal" as a GOP slur

The Republican Party tried to defeat Democrats in 2008 by painting them as liberals. A prime example is BoulderLiberalMarkUdall.com, which continues to linger online at this writing. But while this tactic has proven effective in recent decades, it didn't work this time around -- a fact acknowledged by numerous experts quizzed in the Denver Post article "'Liberal' Label Loses Political Punch in Wake of GOP Losses." Unfortunately, these interview-subjects didn't come up with any other terms that might prove more effective, and a lot of the usual substitutes, like "socialist," don't show much promise. So here's ten fresh insults to aim at Dems that won't leave that old "liberal" aftertaste:

10. Welfairy. 9. Bin-Lovin'. 8. Tax-adermist. 7. Phlegm-o-crat. 6. Left-over. 5. Porker. 4. Apple Pie Hater. 3. Obamanation. 2. Flag-ellator. 1. Jackass-a-nape. -- Michael Roberts

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