Ten Worst Super Bowls of All Time and How Many the Broncos Were In

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Number 5: Super Bowl XXXVII
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48, Oakland Raiders 21

"The Jon Gruden Bowl sent the Raiders spiraling (they wouldn't return to the playoffs until 2016!) following a devastating blowout. The Bucs' defense suffocated the powerful Raiders offense. It's not fair that Rich Gannon and that offense is remembered by this game. They were incredible."

Number 4: Super Bowl XXXV
Baltimore Ravens 34, New York Giants 7

"The Giants had the tables turned on them after demolishing the Vikings 41-0 in the NFC Championship Game, getting completely snuffed out by the Ravens in the title game. I always think about the alleged $20,000 preseason bet Phil Mickelson put on the Ravens to win it all when I think of this game."

Number 3: Super Bowl XXIV
San Francisco 49ers 55, Denver Broncos 10

"An absolute blasting that was out of hand by halftime (27-3) as an utterly dominant Niners squad that was loaded on both sides of the ball just beat up on an overmatched Broncos team. Dominance is fun but not when you want an epic game. The Broncos were actually the top defensive team in football here."

Number 2: Super Bowl XLVIII
Seattle Seahawks 43, Denver Broncos 8

"Start to finish the Seahawks defense absolutely dominated Peyton Manning and the favored Broncos' historic offense. An absolute bludgeoning that no one saw coming."

Number 1: Super Bowl XXIX
San Francisco 49ers 49, San Diego Chargers 26

"Steve Young threw six touchdown passes and the Niners nearly hung a 50 burger in a Super Bowl, demolishing the Chargers in a game that didn't even feel this close."
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