Top 20 Tweets About Losing Big Bets Panthers Would Win Super Bowl

As we noted in a February 1 post entitled TOP 20 TWEETS FROM BRONCOS FANS WHO REALLY THINK DENVER WILL WIN SUPER BOWL, those betting on Super Bowl 50 overwhelmingly favored the Carolina Panthers to kick the ass of your Denver Broncos.

Our NFL expert felt the same way.

Things worked out differently, however — and as a result, a lot of people lost a lot of money. Or a lot of pride. Or a lot of both.

Below, check out our twenty favorite tweets about people who no doubt regret betting on Cam Newton and Carolina.

Number 20: 

Number 19:

Number 18: 

Number 17: 

Number 16: 

Number 15: 

Number 14: 

Number 13: 

Number 12: 

Number 11:

Number 10: 

Number 9: 

Number 8: 

Number 7:  

Number 6:  

Number 5:  

Number 4: 

Number 3: 

Number 2: 

Number 1:

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