Thanks, Joe Biden, for getting my car towed!

No doubt plenty of attendees enjoyed Joe Biden's town-hall meeting at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science today. But at least one Denverite wouldn't have minded if the veep had stayed in Washington, D.C.: marketing maven Jerri Thiel.

Turns out that Thiel had car problems last night and had to leave her vehicle in the general vicinity. And when she returned for it this morning? It had vanished -- whisked away, presumably, because of its proximity to the space Biden planned to occupy a short time later. Sounds like Joe's got some splainin' to do....

Click "Continue" to read Thiel's story, sent to us via e-mail:

So yesterday I took my kids over to City Park (after it stopped raining), and unfortunately, when I went back to my car, I couldn't get it started. It was parked in the park along the side of the road (completely legal), and I figured I would come back tomorrow a.m. (today) to see if I could get it started. Well, apparently, Joe Biden didn't bother to tell anybody that they couldn't park in the Park. So when I got there this a.m., the Secret Service had towed away my car along with several others and didn't bother to tell anyone where they put them. So I spent the next twenty minutes driving around the lots and streets, where I finally spotted it on 17th. They had bomb-sniffing dogs out and DC cops. The local cops I talked to had been out there since 8 a.m. and were a little ticked that they wouldn't let them know when Biden was even getting there.


And don't park in the Park.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.