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Sterling Andrews

Props to Hot IQs for being featured on's home page. The link, which has now moved below the fold after being front-and-center earlier this afternoon, features a photo of the band along with a short blurb urging visitors to download "Duck and Cover," from the act's latest effort. Released on the IQs' own imprint, Yaw Action Records, The Dangling Modifer EP -- reviewed last November by Michael Roberts and included in 2006's Moovers and Shakers -- hit shelves nationally today.

The Spin page contains a glowing notice asserting that Modifer is chockful of songs that "make you want to dance through an avalanche" (nice allusion to Colorado, eh) and gives Elaine Acosta the by-now-obligatory nod as the "hot female drummer."

(Sigh.) Is it too much to ask that for once someone acknowledges Acosta's musical ability, rather than just wagging his tongue at her? Believe it or not, the IQs' resident hottie is actually a pretty decent timekeeper.

Anyhow, again, congrats to Hot IQs for getting some dap nationally. After enjoying them as a hometown favorite for years, it's cool to see folks outside of Denver being turned on. -- Dave Herrera

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Dave Herrera
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