THC/DUI radio discussion today: Will Caplis and Silverman inhale?

I'll be a guest on the Caplis and Silverman program at 3:30 today on KHOW 630 AM. The two lawyers-turned-radio hosts will be discussing the THC/DUI bill that failed to muster Senate approval this week.

Update (4:35 p.m.): Westword editor Patricia Calhoun will be calling in to the Caplis and Silverman Show LIisten here

Update (4:30 p.m.):For those who missed it, the whole crux of the interview centered around my decision to get tested. The two hosts questioned my reasons for doing it and my objectivity in the situation in regards to going to a known medical marijuana doctor for the prescription for blood work. Aside from some funny moments, including them telling me they had no clue who I was and me responding the same, it was a quick and to-the-point interview about my blood tests.

Now, the answer to the first question should have been obvious: I'm a medial patient and this law could have screwed me. But I take offense at the insinuations Dan Caplis made of my not being objective in my approach. As I told them, I wasn't trying to run a science experiment and my blood tests are what they are -- but to question if I was really sober after 16 hours because Dr. Alan Shackelford who deemed me as such is a doctor willing to write medical marijuana prescriptions is absurd. Later in the show after I hung out, Craig Silverman suggested that if Caplis really doubted me that he test me himself. I'm all for it.

I'll come over to your house, Dan. We'll hang out and get to know each other over some parlor games or whatever it is you do for fun, and right before dinner I'll go out back to have a few bowls of herb. After dinner, if my stomach is cramped (which would not be a comment on your cooking, trust me), I may need a few more bowls. Or maybe I'll just have a few more bowls after dinner for the hell of it. Like you, I'm in favor of responsible adults being able to get high in the privacy of their or their friends homes. We're all friends here, right?

Marijuana Deals Near You

The next morning we'll wake up early with my stomach cramps. After I suffer through them for a bit without medicating we'll eat breakfast. Then we'll hang out until lunchtime and I'll tour you around the medical marijuana world since neither of you seem to have any knowledge of it yet both know for sure it's "a farce". I was thinking we would stop in at a few dispensaries and talk with other patients. Maybe even find the folks with MMAPR and you can see how they help indigent patients finally find relief for pain and other ailments.

After a barbecue lunch at Moe's (your treat, of course), if there's any doubt of my sobriety, we can find a willing cop to give me a roadside sobriety test. Then as soon as you are confident in my sobriety we can get another $200 test from Quest to (once again) prove that 5 nanograms is too low for patients like myself. You guys may have to pay, though. I don't know if my editors really care about getting three different tests on high I get. I'm all game for this, Dan. Let me know. Listen to William's interview below

Original post:

On the show before me is

Denver Post

editorial page editor Dan Haley, who

ran an editorial today saying that not passing the bill is akin to "a license to drive stoned."

The editorial argued that the 5 nanogram limit was liberal, and that "despite the research and care that went into the 5 nanogram recommendation, a majority of state senators decided to ignore that and choose the side of marijuana users over the general public."

To each opinion writer his own opinion, but I see it as our legislators siding with the research and care that went into the recommendation from the medical marijuana community. After all, I didn't see the state commissioning any blood work on marijuana patients.

Either way, it should be an interesting discussion. You can tune in to the show starting at 3 p.m. at 630 AM or listen live online here. I have no idea what their position on medical marijuana is, but I'm optimistic about the two attorneys. After all, as Peter Tosh once proclaimed, "Judges smoke it, even the lawyers too."

Will Dan Caplis show William Breathes the same love he gave Scott McInnis? Read Michael Roberts's story about those political sweethearts here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.