The $330 Mega Millions jackpot is just enough to help the Broncos

The Colorado Lottery's Mega Millions jackpot rose to $330 million on Tuesday.

That's a lot of green, and while we all like to fantasize about what we'd do with our winnings -- pay the mortgage? - can we all agree to donate that money to the Broncos and the Rockies?

That's about how much the two teams need to return to form (the Broncos needing much more of it considering how pathetic they were in 2010).

What could the Broncos get with their portion of the money? Well, how about a defense? The best-paid defenders in the NFL -- guys like Julius Peppers and Dwight Freeney -- get about $10 million a year. So the Broncos could grab a couple of those guys, easy, and sign them for five years each. That's $100 million.

Then they could use another $100 million on a pair of running backs who can actually run.

The Rockies may have just signed Carlos Gonzales to a long-term deal, which is awesome coming on the heels of the Troy Tulowitzki and Jorge De La Rosa signings. Now they need about $100 million to grab a firstst baseman (sorry, Todd Helton) and a middle reliever.

And what about the other $30 million? I'll take that and pay off the mortgages of every stressed-out homeowner on my block.

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