The Best of the Online Elite for the Democratic National Convention

DNC chairman Howard Dean recently unveiled the State Blogger Corps, welcoming 55 bloggers who represent all 50 states plus Guam, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Democrats Abroad and the District of Columbia. Selected from a pool of 400 to attend the convention in August, the State Corps will get “unprecedented” access to the floor proceedings and will be “embedded” with their delegation with internet hookups to blog the proceedings. Those not chosen for the State Corps have the opportunity to be part of the General Blogger Pool with rotating access to the floor proceedings.

The ideologies of the blogs are overwhelmingly progressive but not universal in their praise of candidates or issues. Tone, content and web fluency vary widely. Some are rebels, taking umbrage at the maneuverings of their state and national parties, others more rank-and-file in their support. Many raised issue with the prevailing whiteness of the blogs included in the Corps while, no doubt, checking August airfares.

Get to know your bloggers by understanding what makes them tick. You may be able to strike up conversation with them as they huddle under Starbucks awnings in the rain trying to get broadband access, and they in turn may be able to fix your Blackberry in exchange for a ham sandwich or a ten-minute nap in the backseat of your car.

Here are the 16 Bests of the blogs:

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Sean Cronin