Best of Denver

The Best of Westword 1990

In 1990, Westword published its seventh Best of Denver issue, a celebration of the city that saluted everything from Best Bumpersticker (“I Sold a Townhome in Aurora,” an amazing feat in this town’s still depressed economy) to Best C&W Bar (the just-opened Grizzly Rose) to Best Name for a New Baseball Stadium — not that Denver had a team, but a new stadium was part of its pitch to Major League Baseball. Denver was all about the future (largely because its present was pretty bleak), and no plan was more ambitious than the one proposed by a frequent Best of Denver winner, back as the unlikely Best Classical Godfather: Barry Fey (pictured above).

“I saved the symphony,” the veteran concert promoter remembers. Back in the fall of 1989, the Denver Symphony Orchestra was bankrupt and its board ready to disband. Reading the bad news, Fey thought he had a possible solution and laid it out in front of the whole orchestra, promising to advance money for the payroll and then move to a weekly pay-as-you-go basis, “like the concert business,” he says. “The musicians finally voted to take a chance with me on September 13th. That was three days before Fey’s wedding at Red Rocks, which meant the honeymoon was postponed while he rallied the city behind his plan, organizing a gala at McNichols Arena to help put the Colorado Symphony Orchestra on solid footing. As thanks, the new CSO put a plaque honoring Fey in Boettcher Concert Hall — the facility that voters just authorized replacing. But Fey’s good work lives on.

Here are the rest of the winners from 1990:



Best News About Colorado: Brews more beer than any other state

Second Best News About Colorado: Most places still take checks

Best Bumper sticker: I sold a town home in Aurora

Best Graffiti: Eye-6

Best Name for Mayor Fed's New Baby: James Bond

Best Historic Hero: General Edward Wynkoop

Best Historic Heroine: Mother Maggard

Best Local Girl Made Good: Sheryl Lee

Best Local Boy Made Good: Mike Chappelle

Best Performance by a Local Envelope on the Johnny Carson Show: Mrs. Breast

Best Stupid Human Trick by a Coloradoan: Margaret Ray

Second Best Stupid Human Trick by a Coloradoan: Kendall Babl's letter to MAD

Best Celebrity Tattoo: Peter Boyles

Best Performance in a Scarring Role: Oscar Sotelo

Best Eavesdropping Aid: Leland Kesler's Denver Metro Scanner Guide

Best Suicidal Phone Booth: Circle K

Best Pitch, High and Wide: Sonny Lawson Field

Best New Gang: Kool-Aid Gang

Best Example of How Hard it is to Keep up With The Joneses: John Otis Jones

Best Proof that Working at Rocky Flats Can be Hazardous to your Health Life not Your Wallet: Laura Ann Banks' suit

Best Reason for a Divorce: A 17 year old has affair with 34 year old and kills her husband

Best Well-heeled Crime: Woman attacks boyfriend with pumps at downtown bar

Best Judge — Ambiance: Al Minton

Best Judge — Sentencing: Jacqueline St. Joan

Best Sex Education Program for Kids and their Parents: Capitol Hill Planned Parenthood, 921 E. 14th Ave.

Best Place for a Condom Machine: Norlin Library, University of Colorado

Best Near Mistake on a Medical Study: University Hospital

Best Cow Porn: The censored Colorado State Fair logo

Best Statehouse Legislator: Rep. Sam Williams

Best Way to Have an Ill Wind Blow Somebody Some Good: Sending foreclosed-on mobile homes to Limon

Best Political Decision: Public Utilities Commission

Best Use of Taxpayer Money: The Office of Consumer counsel

Best Abuse of Taxpayer Money: Those Big Damned pillars, I-25 at Speer

Best Bureaucracy: U.S. District court clerk's office, civil division

Best Denver City Councilmember: Mary DeGroot

Best Exception to the Rule that Government Doesn't Work Anymore: Reforms in Colorado's teacher tenure system

Best Job: Being Lieutenant Governor

Best Local TV News Anchor: Bertha Lynn, Channel 7 at noon

Best Small Talk on a TV Newscast: Les Shapiro

Best Radio Talk-show Host: Michael Terry

Best Headline to Make it Past the Copy Desk: “Anal Cyst Periodically Drains” in The Rocky Mountain News, Nov. 2

Best Typo: Westword's “Birthday Bongs”

Best Obituary: Richard D. Blanke's obit in the Rocky Mountain News

Best Ad Slogan: Star's bar

Best Ad Placement: KVOD

Best Column: Leroy Williams's Traffic Beat, The Rocky Mountain News

Best Traffic Direction: Isaiah, 15th and/or 17th St.

Best Place to Park Near the City and County Building: 12th Ave.

Best All-American Parking Lot: Denver Pipe fitters Union

Best Parking Lot Name: Lulu's lot

Best Road to Avoid: The Auraria Pkwy.

Best Invention that Hasn't Sold: Don Stedman's pollution gun

Best Interim Invention Against Foul Air: Dr. Fred Greenblatt

Best View from a Landfill: RPS Hwy.

The Ten Best Places to be Treated Like Dirt: Mile High Cable, Max, The Market, Jay Mariotti's column, Cafe Brazil, Wax Trax, Denver Dept. of Health and Hospitals PR dept., Five points when you need a cab at midnight, Westword's best of Denver headquarters.

Best Member of the Colorado Congressional Delegation: Pat Schroeder


Best Name for a New Baseball Stadium: Mile High Stadium

Best Location for a New Baseball Stadium: Stapleton Airport

Best Reason Not to Vote for a New Baseball Stadium: Because the talk-show hosts tell you to

Best Snack at Mile High Stadium: Johnsonville Brat

Best Annual Sporting Event: Fireworks night at Mile High

Best Over-fifty Softball Pitcher: John Dikeou

Best Team in Denver's Over-thirty Baseball League: The Black Sox

Best Place to End a Promising Baseball Career: EFEX, The Tivoli, 901 Larimer

Best Place to Boogie with a Bronco: The Jungle at Avalon, 2430 S. Havana

Best True Confession: The Denver Nuggets

Best Proof in Living Color: The Denver Post sports pages

Best Place to Take a Leak During a Nuggets Game: Colorado Butcher Block

Best Post-Super bowl Deal: Bronco beer

Best Place to Park for a Broncos Game: The Ironworks parking lot readers' choice: don't

Best Bronco: Biff Readers' Choice: John Elway

Best Nugget: Fat Lever Readers' Choice: Alex English

Best New Nugget: Todd Lichti

Best Zephyr: Robert Howsam, Jr., General Manager Readers' Choice: Billy Bates

Best Sport: Essie Garrett

Best College Team: Air Force Academy

Best Pro Team: The Denver Broncos

Best Civilian Team: Boulder Parks and Recs EXPAND team

Best Quick Return on an Investment: Vickers-Total Petroleum Company

Best April Fool's Joke: KOA's free major sporting event ticket giveaway

Best New Dept. Head at a Daily Newspaper: Woody Paige, The Denver Post

Best Radio Sports-talk: Sandy Clough readers' choice: Jim Turner

Best TV Sports Commentator: Ron Zappolo readers' choice: Ron Zappolo

Best Local Sports Show: ÔGood Sports", Channel 56

Best Place for Dinner and a Quiniela: Mile High Kennel Club

Best Reasons to Buy Your Milk bones in Commerce City: Big Tar and Max Trice

Best Place to Find a Headless Cock: Along the tracks, Market St. & 30th

Best Class Field Trip: Buns Unlimited

Best Legal Decision for Adult Field Trips: Coors decision

Best In-town Place to Smooch Against the Panoramic Backdrop of the Front Range: Inspiration point

Best View of a Downtown Denver Sunset: Sloan’s Lake Bowl

Best Outdoor Teen Party Place: Bromwell Elementary School

Best Fraternity/Sorority Prank: Stealing lights of KCFR

Best Place to Watch Fireworks for Free: The Colfax viaduct Readers' Choice: Inspiration Point

Best West Coast Atmosphere: Cherry Creek reservoir

Best Place to get Away from it all Two Seconds from Downtown: Lake Steam baths

Best Place to Get Away From it All Thirty Minutes From the City: Indian hot Springs, Idaho Springs

Best Romantic Weekend Getaway: Fanta-Suites, Heritage Hotel, Evans

Best Local White Water: Clear Creek

Best Lake Fishing: Boyd Lake, Loveland

Best Frisbee Golf Course: Ruby Hill Park

Best Place to Tee off Golfers: Keys on the Green, Evergreen golf course

Best Scenic Public Golf Course: Willis Case

Best Par 3 Hole: No. 13, Arrowhead

Best Indication that Golf is Not a Game for Type-A Personalities: Man arrested for menacing with a deadly weapon

Best Place to Play if you Don't Believe the Part About "Ladies": Bear Creek Golf Club

Best Place to Get Sporting Goods After Garth Bros. Closes: Bigg's

Best Full-Service Golf Store: Colorado Ski and Golf

Best Peter Pan Watching: The Great Train Store, Tabor Center

Best Place to Play Tetris: Eastside Amusement Center

Best Place to Play Backgammon: Rodney's

Best Karate Classes: American Kenpo Karate Academy

Best Underground Skate Shop: IMI jimi

Best Place for Teenagers to Go Bowling: Arapahoe Bowl

Best Way to Get Bowled Over on a Saturday Night: Monaco Lanes

Best Bargain: Denver Rec Centers

Best Showers for Tall People: International Athletic Club

Best Jazzercise Teacher/Nun: Sister Monique Vredeveld

Best Aerobics Teacher: Pearl Manzaneras

Best Exercise Short of Plastic Surgery: Callanetics

Best Infant Swimming Classes: Cindy Asay

Best Baby-Changing Facilities in a Men's Locker Room: Westminster City Pool

Best Way to Put the Country in a City Kid: Martinez Farm Park

Best Bike Path: Wheat Ridge greenbelt reader's choice: Platte River

Best Easy Mountain Bike Ride Thrill: Mount Evans

Best Park to Avoid: Humphreys Park

Best Park: Confluence Park readers' choice: Washington Park

Best Flower Garden: Alamo Placita Park

Best Gardener: Fred Kessler, Denver General Hospital

Best Organic Garden Products: Age-old garden supply

Best Way to Solve Your Yard's Identity Crisis: The Denver Botanic Gardens Herbarium

Best Place to Stop and Smell the Roses: High Country Rosarium

Best Bird watching: Barr Lake

Best Politically Correct Way to Shoot Wildlife: The Urban wildlife photo club

Best Macho Way to Shoot Wildlife: Little Gun Outfitters

Best Mountain Cabins: Estes Park Center/YMCA of the Rockies

Best Reason to Head West if You Don't Ski: Silverthorne Outlet Stores

Best Scenic Ski Run: See Forever, Telluride

Best Ski Run: Silver Glade, Telluride Readers' Choice: Mary Jane

Best News for Aging Snowboarders: The Miller Binding

Best Family Skiing: Winter Park

Best In-Town Ski Jump: Church of the Risen Christ

Best Ski Accessory: Ski Graphics

Best Deals on Alpine Equipment: Lowe Alpine Factory

Best Cross-Country Skiing: Meyer Ranch Park, Aspen Park at Turkey Creek

Best Pagan Camping Trip: Dragon fest

Best All-Women Camping Trip: The Gathering

Best Western Redux: Burlington's Old Town Longhorn Cattle Drive

Best Gay Rodeo: Rocky Mountain Regional Rodeo

Best Rodeo: Earl Anderson Memorial Rodeo

Best Thrill: Mr. Twister, Elitch Gardens

Best Place to Take a Hike: The Colorado trail


Best Free Entertainment on the 16th St. Mall: Watching pedestrians dodge cars Readers' Choice: Religious debates featuring vagrants

Best Street Musicians: Adam Starvinski Readers' Choice: (tie) Duane Clark, Chuck Pyle

Best Free Entertainment on the Pearl St. Mall: Busker's Rendezvous readers' choice: People-watching

Best Entertainment for a Buck: Lotto ticket

Best One-Man Tourism Board: Tim Stewart, Duffy's Shamrock

Best Return for Taxpayers Who Voted in Amendment 9: Free admission to DAM

Most Single-Minded Lobbyist: Gully Stanford

Best Arts Organization: The Arvada Center for the Arts

Best Annual Festival: International Heritage Festival

Best Home, Home on the Range: Olde Town Museum and Emporium

Best Answer to Decoupage: The Colorado Gallery of the Arts ÔWonderful World of Art"

Best Morning Out for Seniors: The Seniors' Movie Party

Best Move by a Local TV Station: KBDI, Channel 12

Best Lunchtime Reruns: The Andy Griffith Show" KWGN, channel 2

Best TV Channel for Movie Programming: American Movie Classics readers' choice: Channel 2

Best TV Channel for Late Night Ads: KTVD, Channel 20 Readers' Choice: Channel 31

Best Holdout From the VCR Age: Boulder Public Library film series

Best Multiplex: The Tivoli Readers' Choice: The Tivoli

Best Movie Theatre High Tech: United Artists

Best Movie Theatre Classic: The Mayan Readers' Choice: The Mayan

Best Movie Theater al Fesco: East Drive In

Best Theater Concession Stand The Mayan Cafe

Best Breath of Fresh Air for an Old Mining Town: Creede Rep. Theatre

Best Theatre Lobby: The Aurora Fox Theatre

Best Play Posters: Terry Dodd

Best New Dinner Theatre: The Ascot

Best New Place for a Dinner Theatre: Fitzsimmons Players, Fitzsimmons Hospital

Best Hambone: Jay Dikkers

Best Theatre Comeback: Industrial Arts the Loft Theatre

Best Local Theatre Group: Denver Center Theatre Company

Best Actress: Georgia Athearn in “Outcry", Muddy's Theatre

Best Supporting Actress: Laura Bevis in “Curse of the Starving Class", Actors Ensemble

Best Actor: James Gaskie in “Breaking the Code", Hunger artists

Best Supporting Actor: Michael Shalhoub in “A View from the Bridge", Germinal Stage

Best Ensemble: “Exit the King", Germinal Stage Denver

Best Musical: “My One and Only", Country Dinner Playhouse

Best Excuse for Lugging Old Cars Onstage: “A Little Night Music", DCPA

Best Set: Andrew Yelusich, “Fences", DCPA

Best Director: Sallie Baker, “Under Milkwood", Metro State Theatre

Best Sign That There Aren't Enough Good Plays: They all do the same ones

Best Production: “Serafin: Cantos Y Laegramis", El Centro Su Teatro Readers' Choice: (tie) “Beehive,” “Greater Tuna,” “Murder Most Fowl”

Best Performance Art: Paul Schroeder as “Bob" in “Your Government at Work"

Best Candidates for Purging from the CCAH: Jane Prancan and Dan Kubby

Best Art on TV: “Teletunes", channel 12

Best Modern Equivalent of Jon Gnagy's Art Courses: Arts Students League of Denver

Best Art Auction: Pirate

Second Best Art Auction: Act Up AIDS Auction, News Gallery

Best Art Function to Sneak Into Without Paying: Alternative Arts Alliance, Ice House

Best New Art Cluster: The Wazee Galleries

Best Public Art: “Art on the streets: Paintings in the sky"

Best Public Sculpture: “Athena" by Stephen Daly, not at the Auraria Campus Readers' Choice: “Linda" at DAM

Best Bas Relief/Wall Sculpture: North wall, United Bank bldg.

Best Exhibit at the DAM: Making their mark, women artists move into the mainstream, 1970-1985. Readers' Choice: “Linda" by John DeAndrea

Best Hope for Local Music: Rocky Mountain Music Association

Best Voice of the Avant Garde: Creative Music Works

Best Folk Resource: Swallow Hill Music Assoc.

Best Local Music Show: “Teletunes", channel 12

Best Classical Radio: KUVO, 89.3 FM

Best Reason for Old Hippies to Turn on their Radios Again: KDHT, 92.5FM

Best Dolly Parson Look-alike: Melissa Lee

Best Fanzine: Horrendified

Best Little Label in Denver: Capri Records

Best Jazz Recording: Ron Miles, “Witness"

Best Children's Recording: Art Lande, “Three Little Pigs and the Billy Goats"

Best Rock Recording: The Jinn’s, “The Jinn’s"

Best Electronic Recording: Davol, “Mystic Waters"

Best Classical Recording: Alex Kommodore and Rod Garnett, “Redstone"

Best Band Logo/Backdrop Artist: Doug Graham

Best Band Merchandising: The Warlock Pinchers

Best New Band: Psychedelic Zombies

Best Alternative Band: Jux County

Best Dance Band: Shakedown Street

Best Worldly Punks: The Jonez

Best Blues Band: Mollie O'Brien and the Blue Tips

Best Thrash Band: Anathema

Best Heavy Metal Band: Cerium Readers' Choice: Gypsy Rose

Best Big-Hair and Spandex Dudes that Sing About Babes, to Babes: Angellic Rage

Best Hard Rock Band: The Fluid

Best Weird Band: Faex

Best Rock Horn Section: Monkey Siren

Best Rock Band: Big Head Todd and the Monsters Readers' Choice: Subdues

Best Former Denverite about to be a Star: Jill Sobule

Best Graduates of the Local Scene: The Subdues

Best Folkie: Tim O'Brien

Best Kids' Entertainer: Lois LaFond and the Rockadiles

Best Jazz Musician: Ron Miles

Best Fusion Band: Dotsero

Best Jazz Band: Boulder Creative Music Ensemble readers' choice: Dotsero

Best Salsa Band: Conjunto Colores

Best Jazz Vocalist: Carolyn Rich

Best Bebop Player: Fred Wesley

Best Sing-along Bar Musician: Tom Foley

Best Barroom Entertainer: Dinky, Lion's Lair

Best Classical Fan: Trude Holzmann

Best Classical Performance: Donald Pearson and friends, St. John's Cathedral

Best Classical Concert Series: Evenings at 8

Best Classical Concert: Tashi

Best Operatic Production: “The Desert Song", Central City Opera

Best Accompaniment to an Outdoor Concert: KCFR Botanic Gardens Concerts

Best Concert Management: Denver Chamber Orchestra

Best Classical Godfather: Barry Fey, Fey Concerts

Most Dedicated Musicians: Lee Yeingst and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Best Pops Concert: CSO

Most Innovative Concert Series: Arts on the Edge

Best Concert Venue: Gothic Theatre

Best Outdoor Concert Venue: Arvada Center for the Arts

Best Thing to Happen to Local Concerts: Promoter wars

Best Concert of the Year: k.d. lang and the Re-Clines Readers Choice: the Who

Best Excuse to Cancel a Concert: Satan

Best Bohemian Smorgasbord: Penny Lane

Best All-Ages Venue: The Garage

Best Use of Black Lights: Deadbeat club

Best Open Stage: Days Inn Readers’ Choice: Red Rocks

Best Rock Club: Herman's Hideaway Readers’ Choice: Herman's Hideaway

Best Jazz Club: The Voters club Readers’ Choice: El Chapultepec

Best Heavy Metal Club: The Broadway Readers’ Choice: The Broadway

Best C&W Club: The Grizzly Rose Readers’ Choice: Grizzly Rose

Best Club for Seventies Stars: Buffalo Rose

Best Room with Potential: The Palace at Avalon

Best Dance Club: 23 Parrish

Best Comedy Club: George McKelvey's Comedy Club Readers’ Choice: Comedy Works

Best S&M (Stand and Model) Bar: Bangles

Best Bouncer: The Guitar Crusher, The Little Bear

Best Doorperson: Sharon Goulard, Herman's Hideaway

Best Bartender (Male): Doug Hollaran, Bibelot

Best Bartender (Female): Kathy Moloney, Bayman

Best Tie Collection: Greg Waidman, My Brother's Bar

Best Bar Full of Guys: Hooters

Best Exotic Dancer: Barbie, Mile High Saloon

Best Happy Hour Spread — Single Item: The Manhattan Cafe

Best Happy Hour Spread — Bulk: The Liaison Lounge, Warwick Hotel Readers’ Choice: 23 Parrish

Best Gay Bar: The 90s, Readers’ Choice: Star's

Best Lesbian Bar: XTC

Best Piano Bar: Garbo's Readers’ Choice: Garbo's

Best Sports Bar: Brooklyn's Readers' Choice: Fat and Mike's

Best Neighborhood Bar, East: Mozart Lounge Reader's Choice: Good friends

Best Neighborhood Bar, West: Lane's Tavern

Best Neighborhood Bar, South Central: Seven South Readers’ Choice: Bonnie Brae

Best Bar, Central: My Brother's Bar Readers’ Choice: Wazee

Best Bar, Boulder: West End Tavern Readers’ Choice: The James

Best Mountain Bar: The Bucksnort, Pine Readers’ Choice: The Little Bear

Best Art Openings: Pirate Readers’ Choice: 1700 block of Wazee


Best Cheap Voodoo Supplies: Woolworth's

Best Botanica: El Caridad del Cobre

Best Place to buy Candles and Oils for Meditations, Spells and Stuff: The Twelfth House

Best Metaphysical Bookstore: The Nic-Nac-Nook

Best Indication the Sixties are not Dead: Radical Information Project Bookstore

Best Place to Find your Past: The Denver Book Fair, 44 S. Broadway

Best Deals on New Books: Boulder Book Buyers

Best Used Bookstore: Mountain books

Best Comics Shop: Time Warp Science Fiction and Comics

Best Father-Son Western Writing Team: Wayne and Stephen Overholzer

Best Greeting Cards: Legacy Press

Best Place to Buy an Out-of-Town Sunday Newspaper: The Airport

Best Place to Find Specialized Magazines: Newsland

Best Newsletter: New Stork Times, Universal Diaper Service

Best Children's Books: Books for the whole child

Best Child Care Book: The Father's Guide", Dr. Richard Barkin

Best Place to Find Child Care: United Way

Best Used Baby Clothes: Value Village North

Best Place to Find Gramma Porn: Merry Simmons

Best Support for Parents of Kids with Special Needs: Parents Encouraging

Best Kids' Furniture: Little Colorado

Best Teacher: Mr. Woods

Best Thing to Do for Your Kids, Even if They Hate It: Etiquette class, The Brown Palace

Best Place to Have a Baby: St. Luke's Medical Center

Best Midwives: St. Luke's midwives

Best Pediatrician: Children's medical center

Best Hospital Room Service: Mercy Medical Center

Best Massage for Those Who are Embarrassed About Their Bodies: Steve Gomes

Best Person to Call when your Office Makes you Sick: Diane DeMars

Best Affordable Plastic Surgery: University Hospital

Best Affordable Non-Plastic Surgery: Physicians facial contouring

Best Prosthesis: It's me again

Best Dentures: All Denture Clinic

Best Vet: Jan Facinelli

Best Bird Store: Colorado Seed and Pet

Best Affordable Pet Makeover and Charm School: Colorado school of dog grooming

Best Place to Let Your Dog Go to the Dogs: Petsmart

Best Free Food: Reptilian Haven

Best Mohawk Haircut: Flamingo Hair Design

Best Flattops: Sportsman Barber Shop

Best Fake Hair: Kim's wig botik

Best Prom Dresses: Poparama

Best Place to Buy a Slut Dress and Hang Out in It: 1200 block of East 13th

Best Break for Tender Feet: Toth's specialty footwear.

Best Cheap Foundations: Ross Dress for Less

Best Cheap Sunglasses: Various vendors, 16th St. Mall

Best Place to Live out Flying Fantasies: Prestige toys for big boys

Best Antique Toys: Yankee Trader

Best Toy Source for Special Kids: Special toys 4 special kids

Best Durable Doll Houses and Furnishings: Pine Playthings

Best Fabric Store: Elfreide's Fine Fabric

Best Fibre Store: Skyloom Fibres

Best Make-your-own Jewelry: Promenade's Le Bead Shop

Best Stone Beads: Bead trader

Best Seed Beads: Western Trading Post

Best Photographic Supplies: Lindahl's Photo Sales

Best Party Planner: Keith Wallach, Paper, Scissors, Stone

Best Way to Show that you Care Enough to Really...: Thomas Floral

Best Legal Hallucinogen: Mind Flight Corporation

Best Gas Station for Those Who Cut it Close — Downtown: Conoco

Best Gas Station for those Who Cut it Close — to Hell and Gone: Bandimere Speedway

Best Auto Electrical System Mechanic: Soon's Husky Service

Best Place to Find Parts for Studebakers: Royal Gorge Studebaker

Best VW Repair: Straight-a-way

Best Volvo Repair Guy: Keith Nelson Thomas, Empire Volvo

Best Muscle Cars: Soneff's Master Garage

Best Way to Make Those Wheels Fly: Garald W. Tindall, Enable Travel services

Best Recycling Service: Eco-cycle

Best Trash Picking: Boulder Spring clean-up

Best Trash Pickers: Arapahoe Resource Recovery

Best Thrift Store: Second-hand Annie's Readers’ Choice: DAV

Best Source for Help when Your House Falls Apart: Dan Densmore

Best House Painter: Dick Veit

Best House Inspector: John Crump, Colorado Real Estate Inspection Services

Best Little Woodshop for Big Projects: Real Woodworking

Best Architectural Detail at Retail: Permanent Lace Curtains

Best Venetian Blind Preservers: Herb Jones Venetian Blinds

Best Place to be Put Through the Wringer: Foothills Appliance

Best Hat Cleaners: Bluebird Cleaners

Best Place to Frame your Mother-in-law: TJ Maxx

Best Sax Repair: Kurt Sterling, Sterling music

Best Music Store: Rockley music center

Best Place to Get Free Jazz Lessons: Denver Public Schools

Best CD Selection: JB&H Records & Tapes

Best Place to Rent John Wayne Movies: Critic's choice

Best Video Rentals: Videotique Readers’ Choice: King Soopers

Best Deal on a Used Computer: Used Computer Store

Best Furniture Store for Computer Owners: Premier Furniture Co.

Best Free Money Orders: Money Express Check Cashing

Best Employment Agency: CWEE

Best Place to Learn to be Humble: Starkey International Institute for Household Management

Best Store With a Conscience: Aardvarks to Zebras

Best Store Without a Conscience: Cry Baby Ranch

Best Window Display: Card Blanche Readers’ Choice: Circa 1900

Best Place for 3-D Chatchkas: The Hologram Cart: Tabor Center Market

Best Colorado Souvenirs: Union 76 truck stop

Best Mexican Souvenirs: Manos

Best Example of Earth Day in Action: Happy Seat, the outdoor disposable toilet

Best ABC Product — Low End: Pig Out Popcorn

Best ABC Product — High End: Lil stinker readers choice: Boyer's coffee

Best Try-it Before you Buy it Deal: The tattered cover

Best Place to Buy One Cigarette: Penny Lane

Best Place to Buy a Quart of Beer: 17th St. Liquors

Best Wine Merchant: The Vineyard

Best Neighborhood Liquor Store: Logan Liquors

Best Suburban Liquor Selection: Applejack

Best Cake pans: Ace Hardware Perl-Mack

Best Rye Bread: La Petite Boulangerie

Best Inexpensive Wedding Cakes: Albertsons

Best Exotic Bakery: Mama Pirogi's and other peasantries

Best Idea for Coffee Junkies: Boyer's coffee bags

Best Source for Sake Lees: Pacific Mercantile

Best Italian Deli: Vinnola's Italian Market

Best Mexican Cheeses: Lola's Gourmet Mexican Deli

Best Hot Stuff: The Big Chile

Best Local Condiment: Mady's Olde Tyme Beer Mustard.

Best Beef: Maverick Ranch Lite Beef.

Best Jerky: Dale's exotic game meats

Best “Hold the Junk" Junk Food Delivery: Domino's

Best Selection of Jell-o Flavors: King Soopers

Best Neighborhood Market: Green's Market. Readers’ Choice: FBC Foods

Best Business Rebirth: Wild Oats

Best Cruising for a High-Rent Date: FBC

Best Supermarket Banter: Safeway

Best Ethnic Selection in a Mega Market: Safeway

Best Answer to Paper or Plastic: Canvas grocery bags

Best Milkman: Royal Crest Dairy

Best Newspaper Route: Sagebrush News

Best Bookstore: The Tattered Cover

Best Record Store: Wax Trax

Best Used Record Store: Albums on the hill

Best Movers: Movemasters


Best Fast-Food Drive Through for English Autos: Taco Bell

Best Carpet Resurrection: The Log Cabin Inn

Best Anatomically Correct Atmosphere: 14th St. Bar & Grill

Best Decor: Adirondacks, The Tivoli

Best Romantic Atmosphere: Cafe Giovanni

Best Accordion Accompaniment: Bonnaci's Italian Cafe

Best East Coast Atmosphere: Avenue Bar & Grill

Best Place to Take Out of Town Visitors: North Woods Inn

Best Place to Take Visitors from Russia: Casa Bonita

Best Children's Menu: Wheat Ridge Dairy and Bakery Readers’ Choice: Showbiz Pizza

Best Place to Take Kids Who Think Seeing Back to the Future Should Get Them Extra Credit in History: Gunther Toody's Diner

Best Unofficial Study Hall: Village Inn

Best Mountain Dinner for Two: The Sapphire Rose Inn

Best Cheap Mountain Restaurant: Neapolitan's

Best Food as Art: European Cafe

Best Fruit as Art: Tommy's Oriental Restaurant

Best Interior View of Boulder: Viet Hua Restaurant

Best Family Restaurant with a View: Summit View Lounge

Best Outdoor Café — People Watching: Pasta Jay's

Best Outdoor Café — Cat Watching: My Brother's Bar

Best Outdoor Café — Pastoral: Maria's Bakery

Best Outdoor Cafe: La Coupole Readers’ Choice: Rick's

Best Owner/Waiter: Ennio Bonifazi, La Fontanella

Best Waitress: Cathy Coppolecchia Readers’ Choice: Sue at Oinks

Best Bartender/Restaurant Manager: Yin Boey, Twin Dragon

Best Wine List: Flagstaff House Readers’ Choice: Chives

Best Wine by the Glass: Chives

Best Cheap House Wine: Mike Berardis

Best Beer Selection: Pearl St. Grill Readers’ Choice: Old Chicago

Best Kamikazee: McCormick's Fish House

Best Vodka Selection: Little Russian Cafe

Best Grappa Selection: Bibelot

Best Martini and Tofu Dinner: The Cinema Lounge

Best Frou-Frou Drink: Juanita's, 1700 Vine deep throat at the punch bowl

Best Tea Service: Annie's cafe

Best Iced Coffee: Tommy's Oriental

Best Cup of Coffee — Ambiance: Muddy's

Best Cup of Coffee — Price: FBC

Best Cup of Coffee — Presentation: Newport's, The Tivoli

Best Cappuccino: Al Fresco

Best Espresso and Trivia: Classic Coffee

Best Trivial Espresso: The Market

Best After-Dinner Drink: Pagliacci's

Best Homemade Desserts: Cafe Giovanni

Best Ice Cream Flavor: Ginger, Lickety Split

Best Old-Fashioned Malt Shop: Pinky's malt shop

Best Hangover Breakfast: O'Shea's, Copper Mountain

Best Cheap Breakfast: The Butcher Block II Readers’ Choice: McDonalds

Best Cinnamon Roll: York St. Cafe

Best Biscuits and Gravy: Eddie Bohn's Pig n Whistle

Best Diner: Dot's Diner

Best Steak and Eggs: Juanita's Mexican Deli

Best Eggs Benedict: Mocha Cafe

Best Sunday Brunch: Today's Gourmet Café Readers’ Choice: Simms Landing

Best Acid Flashback for Breakfast: Le Peep

Best McDonald's with a Player Piano: Main St., Limon

Best Food Court: Express food court, Cross Roads Mall, Boulder Tabor Center

Best Booth in a Food Court: Gray Horse

Best Food Cart on the 16th St. Mall: Hot Dogs, 16th & Glenarm Readers’ Choice: 16th & Glenarm

Best Food Cart Off the Mall: Taqueria Mexico Van, City and County Building

Best Power Lunch: Martines

Best Side Dish at the Denver Jail: White bread

Best Burgers: Reivers Readers’ Choice: My Brother's Bar

Best Bar Burgers: Tom's Tavern

Best Mom and Pop Hamburger Stand: Tami's burger haven

Best French Fries: Acappella's Readers’ Choice: McDonalds

Best Hot Dog: 7-11 Readers’ Choice: Mustard's Last Stand

Best Fish and Chips: Walnut Brewery

Best Deli: Taste of Europe Readers’ Choice: The Bagel Deli

Best Photo Display in a Deli: Celeta's Deli

Best Subs: Pasquini's Pizzeria

Best Sandwiches: The Gourmet Alternative

Best Pastrami Sandwich: Finley's

Best Club Sandwich: Colorado Cafe

Best Tongue Sandwich: Zaidy's deli

Best Pig Ear Sandwich: Zona's Tamale House

Best Hot Beef Sandwich: Newbarry's

Best Hash: Mexicali Cafe

Best Meatloaf: The Trinity Grille

Best Barbecue: M&D's Bar-B-Que and Fish Palace Readers’ Choice: Big Eddies

Best Ribs Not In a Rib Joint: Rick's Cafe

Best Vegetarian Restaurant: Green's

Best Caesar Salad: Boccalino

Best Appetizer: Shrimp fritters, Zenith, The Tivoli

Best Place to Binge Without Purging: Healthy Habits.

Best Shrimp Dish: New Saigon

Best Seafood — High End: Newport's, The Tivoli Readers’ Choice: Mostly Seafood

Best Seafood — Low End: Gulf Coast

Best Seafood Pig Out: The Garden Terrace

Best Creole Food: Lucile's

Best Steaks in the Most Unlikely Spot: The Cruise room

Best Steaks: Morton's, The Tivoli Readers’ Choice: Black Angus

Best Cheap Chicken-Fried Steak: Davies’ Chuckwagon Diner

Best Chicken Fried Steak: Ross — The Steak Place Readers’ Choice: The Black-Eyed Pea

Best Rack of Lamb: Cliff Young's

Best Bread Basket: Pomodoro

Best Pizza: Paisan's Readers’ Choice: Bonnie Brae

Best Designer Pizza: Al Fresco

Best Cheap Italian: Valente's Readers’ Choice: Saucy Noodle

Best Expensive Italian: O Solo Mio Readers’ Choice: Al Fresco

Best Pasta: Strings

Best Lasagna: Grande Giovanni's

Best Minestrone: Pagliacci's

Best Antipasto Plate: Pomodoro

Best Italian Appetizer: Three Sons

Best French Restaurant: Tante Louise Readers’ Choice: Le Central

Best Place to Give a Second Chance: Le Central

Best Greek Restaurant: Pete's Kitchen Readers’ Choice: Central 1

Best Indian Buffet: Royal Peacock

Best Karma-Free Indian Buffet: Rahda-Govinda Krishna Temple

Best Chinese Restaurant: Panda Cafe Readers’ Choice: Imperial Garden

Best Egg Rolls: Tommy's Oriental

Best She Cha and Cha Cha: Wang's Mandarin House

Best Way to Execute a Dissident Duck: China Jade

Best Japanese Restaurant: Toshi's Readers’ Choice: Kobe An

Best Sushi Bar: Sushi Heights Readers’ Choice: Kobi An

Best Do It Yourself Sushi: Mori

Best Vietnamese: Long Binh Readers’ Choice: T-Wa Inn

Best Vietnamese Roast Duck: Chez Thoa

Best Thai Restaurant: J's Noodles Readers’ Choice: J's Noodles, Erawan Café (tie)

Best Thai Food in a Former Dancing School: Sukhothai

Best Current Dancing School and Mexican Food: Mariachi Musical Productions

Best Real Southwestern Food: The Fort

Best Nachos: Juanita's Uptown

Best Chips and Salsa: Mexicali Cafe Readers’ Choice: Blue Bonnet

Best Burrito — Vegetarian: Taqueria Patzcuaro

Best Burrito — Carnivorous: Benny's Place Readers’ Choice: Blue Bonnet

Best Green Chile: Casa de Manual Readers’ Choice: Blue Bonnet

Best Taco: Mexico City Lounge Readers’ Choice: Blue Bonnet

Best Chile Relleno: Rosa Linda's Readers’ Choice: Blue Bonnet

Best Ceviche: El Chalan

Best Mexican Restaurant: El Taco de Mexico Readers’ Choice: blue Bonnet

Best Lunch Under Five Bucks: Blackened Chicken Tostada

Best Dinner Under Five Bucks: Golden Tempura Bowl Readers’ Choice: No such thing

Best Early Dinner Deal: Marc's Restaurant

Best Midnight Meal: Toshi's Reader's Choice: Chives

Best Restaurant When Someone Else is Paying: The Flagstaff House Readers’ Choice: Cliff Young's

Best Refresher Course for Jaded Diners: The New York Connection

Best New Restaurant: La Coupole Readers’ Choice: Cafe Brazil

Best Restaurant Overall: Zenith, The Tivoli

Best Brewpub: Wynkoop Brewing Company

Best Fried Chicken: Foucher's Readers’ Choice: White Fence Farm

Best Meal Deal: McCormick's

Best Crispy Chile Rellenos: La Fiesta

Best Ice Cream: Lickety Split

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