The Bicycle Thief

Image from The Bicycle Thief

Along with biking season comes bike thieving season, but the bandits are particularly brazen this summer. Bikes are still getting jacked from the usual places like backyards and garages. The scumbag robbers are still breaking bikes free from their master’s locks all over town. But some stolen bikes are coming fresh off the bike room floor.

On June 18 at Turin Bicycles, 700 North Lincoln someone with a Georgia ID that took a $1,700 bike for a test ride and never came back. Two days later, someone with a Georgia ID hit a bike shop on South Pearl and slipped out with another $1,700 model.

Police believe both ID’s were fake, which may not be the case for the bike bandit that stopped by Turin this past Friday. Turin’s owner David “Jake” Jacobson says he knows the second guy who took off on a one-way test ride, Jacobson said that he’s a crack head who used to work down the street from the bike shop.

“Every now and then something slips through but what are you going to do if a person gives you an ID, and it’s them, I mean how stupid could someone be?” Jacobson says.

Particularly stupid, considering the bike said crack head made off during Turin’s second rip-off was only worth $517. --Luke Turf

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