The Broncos may not have a star quarterback (yet), but they've got Brian Dawkins

We've done our share of bitching about the prospect of the Broncos going into the 2009 season with party-boy Kyle Orton and rusty Chris Simms as their only quarterback options. The situation may be addressed during this weekend's NFL draft (note the rumors about Mark Sanchez) -- but it's more likely that the Broncos will concentrate on addressing defensive woes, of which there are plenty. Still, the squad's already obtained the services of longtime Philadelphia Eagles safety Brian Dawkins. No telling how much Dawkins has left in the tank, but there's no denying that he's beloved in Philly. For proof, check out the hip-hop heavy video above, which is filled with Dawkins glamour shots, not to mention an account of a great game he had against the "Taxans" (the Internal Revenue Service's team, presumably), before concluding with a photo of him posing with Broncos coach Josh McDaniels. Who he's older than, by the way. Thank goodness for some veteran leadership...

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