The Chive's 15 NFL Teams With the Most Annoying Fans and Where Denver Finishes

Apparently many of the NFL's best fans can also be the most annoying.

That goes for supporters of your Denver Broncos, too — even the Peyton Manning fans who resisted ripping doubters after Denver's incredible win over the Green Bay Packers this past Sunday.

Last year, we shared Forbes' roster of the ten NFL teams with the best fans, in which Broncos boosters did very, very well.

Then we stumbled upon a new list of the teams with the most annoying fans as ranked by votes from visitors to theCHIVE. And lo and behold, nine of the teams with the best fans were included among the fifteen squads whose loyalists scored highest in being irritating — including the Broncos.

Continue to count down theCHIVE's fifteen-most-annoying finishers, along with the number of votes they received and where they placed in our previous best-fans post.

Number 1. Seattle Seahawks
8.7K votes
Best fans list: Number 9

Number 2. New England Patriots
8.3K votes
Best fans list: Number 4

Number 3: Dallas Cowboys
7.9K votes
Best fans list: Number 7 (tie)

Number 4. Pittsburgh Steelers
5.1K votes
Best fans list: Number 7 (tie)

Number 5: Philadelphia Eagles
4.9K votes

Number 6. Oakland Raiders
4.5K votes

Number 7. Green Bay Packers
4.1K votes
Best fans list: Number 1

Number 8. New York Jets
3.1K votes

Number 9: San Francisco 49ers
3K votes

Number 10. New Orleans Saints
2.8K votes
Best fans list: Number 3

Number 11: New York Giants
2.3K votes

Number 12. Chicago Bears
2.3K votes
Best fans list: Number 10

Number 13. Baltimore Ravens
2.3K votes
Best fans list: Number 5

Number 14. Denver Broncos
2.2K votes
Best fans list: Number 2

Number 15. Washington Redskins
1.8K votes

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