The clock has almost struck midnight on voter registration; don't turn into a pumpkin!

Attention, Colorado residents! You until until the end of Monday, October 4, to register to vote.

But if doing it in person just isn't your style, you have an additional resource at your disposal this year. For the first time, citizens with a Colorado driver's license can register online.

According to Secretary of State spokesman Rich Coolidge, the division's website has come a long way in reducing the burden of paper processing in the county clerk's office. "Leading up to the 2008 election, counties were inundated with registration forms," he says. "This year, over 30,000 people have used the online voter registration system, which has really alleviated that burden."

The Secretary of State's office also gets inundated with phone calls from people with questions about eligibility and compliance, and one of the biggest misconceptions involves first-time voters, Coolidge says: "We hear from a lot of seventeen-year-olds who turn eighteen in the 29 days leading up to the election and so don't think that they can register. But if you turn eighteen before election day, you can register now."

In fact, you have to register now.

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Jonathan Easley
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