The Colorado View newspaper.

The Colorado View -- a newspaper that wants you to vote the right way

As noted in an October 24 blog, a newspaper dubbed The Denver Independent is scheduled to debut on October 31. However, another new publication, The Colorado View, is already available thanks to the largesse of the Colorado Family Institute, which describes itself on the front page of issue one, volume one, as "a nonprofit organization committed to stregnthening the family as well as our society by defending and restoring to public life the foundational moral principles essential to the well-being of both."

That the View appeared so close to the November 4 election hardly seems like a coincidence -- and no one will accuse it of being nonpartisan.

Four pages of the inaugural eight-page offering -- labeled "Issue 1, Vol. 1" -- are devoted to a voter's guide in which Democrats don't come off particularly well. For instance, Barack Obama is shown to be on what the View considers to be the wrong side of ten important issues, including "Defense of Marriage" and "Homosexual Education," while McCain bats 1.000. There's also "Pandora's Box," an article by Focus on the Family veteran Tom Minnery about a terrifying issue most Coloradans don't understand. Here's how he leads into his piece:

A disturbing question has lurked in the background of the growing clamor from the left to end all discrimination, for all reasons, in all places.

The question is this: are separate restrooms for men and women the modern-day equivalent of separate drinking fountains for whites and blacks?

Copies of the View were distributed to attendees of John McCain's October 24 campaign appearance at the National Western Arena. But if you didn't attend that event, don't worry: You can still get one, since they've been widely distributed throughout the area. Last night, I picked up my edition at a south suburban Subway restaurant. I wonder if Jared approves... -- Michael Roberts

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