The Completely Biased Map of CSU

The weird stuff you find on the Internet....

We recently stumbled upon a post shared this past February on the Colorado State Memes Facebook page titled "The Completely Biased Map of Colorado State." But taking a look at it proved trickier than anticipated, since the link was dead, as was everything else on the website from which it sprang, The closest thing to the site we could find still active was a Squarespace collection of GIFs shared under The Ram Life moniker. (Our attempts to reach the person behind it were unsuccessful.)

Fortunately, Google Cache managed to grab the map before it vanished from the web — and it's definitely the sort of graphic capable of starting conversations. Among those needled by the map's creator are yuppies, bros, people determined to get "black-out drunk," "vegans and white people who hung Buddhist flags on their porch" and more, more, more.

The results offer something to amuse and/or offend just about everyone.

The graphic advises folks to "zoom in" on the dense groupings of text — but we've done the zooming for you. Below, see thirteen close-ups from portions of the map, followed by the image in its entirety.

Continue to see more close-ups from "The Completely Biased Map of Colorado State," followed by the map as a whole.

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