The Copper Thieves

Offense Report No: 07-211415 Date: 04-02-2007 Type of Offense: Theft Location of Offense: Zion Temple, 1600 N. Syracuse

Officer T. McKeever reports:

"Investigation revealed that the suspect on a 10-speed bicycle [described as a Hispanic male wearing a janitor shirt, work gloves and scruffy facial hair] went behind the bushes in front of the temple . He began bending the 3-foot copper vacuum breaker pipe back and forth until it broke free from the building. The witness, [a female caretaker of the Synagogue] ran over and told him to stop. He broke the pipe completely off the building and out of the ground and fled northbound through the alley on his bike, holding the pipe across his handle bars."

Offense Report No: 07-5005496 Date: 03-31-07 Type of Offense: Theft, Criminal Mischief Location of Offense: National Association of Letter Carries, 5151 W 1st Ave.

Officer K. Anders reports: "Copper pipe was ripped from building and lines for sprinkler system cut. The feeder line to sprinkler system was broken causing water to saturate the ceiling, walls and carpet through all of the building's lower level." -- Jared Jacang Maher

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