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The Daily Show Accuses Darryl Glenn of Anti-Black Stereotyping at the RNC

As we've noted, most of America didn't get a chance to see Colorado senatorial hopeful Darryl Glenn speak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Monday, since major cable-news network personalities talked over his words rather than focusing on his fierce delivery and the passionate reaction he elicited from delegates.

Last night, however, Glenn finally got a prominent national showcase. Problem is, the coverage was hardly positive.

Glenn was featured in a segment on The Daily Show in which host Trevor Noah essentially accused him of using anti-black stereotypes to endear himself to the GOP faithful.

In the clip, on view below, Noah says, "The Republicans actually featured a few black speakers — although if your eyes were closed while listening to the speeches, you wouldn't have known."

That's followed by three brief excerpts from Glenn's remarks, all of which we highlighted in our initial post. The first: "If we really want to heal our communities, more men need to start stepping up and taking care of their children." The second: "Safe neighborhoods happen when fathers and mothers are in the home." The third: "You know, quite frankly, somebody with a nice tan needs to say this: All lives matter."

"My friend," Noah responded to the last line, "if that's a tan you're rocking, you need to see a dermatologist — because you're three hours away from skin cancer, my friend."

From there, however, he rolled into a cutting racial critique.

"But nicely played, though, nicely played, dude," Noah maintained. "I totally hear what you're saying. Black kids grow up to be criminals — yeah — because their moms are never home. Probably down at the club. Or they probably have to work two jobs, and because public transportation doesn't go to their neighborhood — and the legacy of redlining has kept them from living in better areas. But also, at the club! Yeah!

"And where are the black fathers at, people? Where are the black fathers? Too busy getting arrested, am I right? Some of them for a broken taillight, trumped-up charges and driving while black, but still — also at the club! Am I right?"

To be fair, Glenn never said his comments in regard to men taking care of their children and parents needing to stay home were specifically about African-Americans. But given that they immediately followed his assertion that President Barack Obama is racially divisive, not to mention slaps at the Black Panthers, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, Noah's assumption that the candidate was speaking in thinly veiled code is understandable — and could resonate negatively during his campaign to unseat Democratic senator Michael Bennet.

Here's The Daily Show segment. The Glenn bit gets under way just after the 3:10 mark — and note that Noah is even tougher on another African-American speaker at the RNC, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. Afterward, view Glenn's speech in its entirety.

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