"When we pose, pretend like you're my best friend."

The Daily Show's John Oliver on the downside of equality

In the midst of the ridiculous line to the Pepsi Center on Tuesday night, I found myself standing alongside none other than British-born comedian John Oliver, a correspondent for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart who I'd just enjoyed at the first of the program's four Democratic National Convention week tapings. After introducing myself and reminding him about the interview he'd granted me earlier this year -- read the results in a wide-ranging Q&A -- I asked why on earth someone as important as him was stuck in a queue with the rest of us nobodies. "That's the problem with these Democrats," he cracked. "They think everyone's equal."

A guy behind us had a more positive spin on the whole egalitarianism trip. "Yesterday, I was in a line, and Spike Lee was behind me," he said.

By not big-footing the regular folks, Lee clearly did the right thing -- but I didn't. By speaking with Oliver, I unwittingly broke the ice for everyone nearby, who quickly began inundating him with requests to take pictures with them, as in the shot above. Bet that's the last interview he gives me. -- Michael Roberts

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