The DAM’s Logan Lectures Launch Tonight

Christoph Heinrich, the newish curator of modern and contemporary art at the Denver Art Museum, is obviously using the 2008 Logan Lectures -- underwritten, as you might imagine, by super donors Vicki and Kent Logan -- as a way to give the art-erati some insight into his interests. For this year’s series, “Artists on Art: The Next Generation,” Heinrich has invited a selection of creative talents whose work will be featured in the full rotation of the third- and fourth-floor galleries of the DAM’s Hamilton Building. He’s also picked some who will be involved in Embrace, an exhibit Heinrich is organizing for next year that will showcase site-specific installations, in particular paintings.

German artist Katharina Grosse, who does painted installations akin to graffiti, will be the first featured speaker at an event today, April 10. Grosse, who works in Dusseldorf and Berlin, is known for her total environments of color and for her taste for ad hoc and unlikely materials, like painted balloons, as seen in “Atoms Inside Balloons” (pictured). Notice that Grosse has painted the floor as well -- a signature of hers.

Later this spring, events are planned featuring Shinique Smith, Bjørn Melhus and Jessica Stockholder; Daniel Richter, Candice Breitz, Dasha Shishkin, Matthew Brannon and Jonas Burgert will appear in the fall.

The Grosse event, sponsored by DAM Contemporaries, gets under way at 6 p.m. in the Sharp Auditorium on the lower level of the Hamilton, with the lecture itself starting at 7 p.m. Tickets range from $8 for students, $12 for artists and DAMC members, $15 for DAM members, and $18 for non-members. Series tickets for all nine lectures are also available. Call 720-913-0150 for information and reservations. -- Michael Paglia

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