The Denver Post's Dan Haley is the greatest Broncos prognosticator ever

Like most Denver football fans, I found the Broncos' humiliating defeat to the San Diego Chargers last night to be painful in the extreme. But there's an additional reason why I'm in agony this morning -- and it centers on Denver Post editorial page editor Dan Haley, pictured here.

Back on March 31, I wrote "The Post's Bizarre Anti-Broncos Editorial," a blog about "Broncos Taking Hits On, Off Field," an opinion piece that took what struck me as gratuitous and uninformed slaps at our local NFL franchise. Afterward, I was contacted by Haley, the author of the essay, who offered to wager a meal on the outcome of the squad's season. I balked at this suggestion, given my (accurate) assumption that his salary is a lot larger than mine -- but I did agree to a bragging-rights bet, with the loser forced to publicly acknowledge his rival's superior knowledge of the squad. I then predicted that the Broncos would finish the 2008 with a 10-6 record and lose in the first round of the playoffs. For his part, Haley said the ballers would wind up with an 8-8 mark and miss the postseason entirely.

For most of the year, I looked like a genius. But the friggin' Broncos managed to lose three out of the last four contests in what is arguably the most epic choke job in their history, thereby allowing Haley to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. So congratulations, Dan. You are the champion -- this time. But next year, I want a rematch. -- Michael Roberts

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