The Doctor's Out

While Jack “Dr. Death” Kevorkian spent the last decade in prison, the right-to-die movement has raged on right out of Denver, where the non-profit, Compassion and Choices (an agency that grew out of the Hemlock Society) has continued to advocate for people like Sandy Bush, a cancer patient who couldn’t enjoy what little time left he had on this planet because he was constantly in fear of a dragged out and drugged out death and the pain that would come with it for him and his family.

Bush was alive when he shared his story with Westword a year ago but has since passed on, albeit without the deadly combination of pills he felt was his right to have in case the suffering ever became too much to bare.

The attention is again on right-to-die, thanks to Dr. Death telling the press he still believes in people’s right to end their own lives as he walked out of prison, a day no doubt that the Dr. has long since been dreaming of. But while Kevorkian was locked up for aiding a suicide which he sent a videotape of to 60 Minutes, (a jury found it to be murder), thousands of other seniors around the country continued to advocate for a legal option to ending their pain, once and for all.

Without the likes of Dr. Death. --Luke Turf

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