The Douglas Bruce-Costco battle limps on

Is there a more high-maintenance public figure in Colorado than Douglas Bruce? Doubt it. Yesterday, Bruce went to court over a trespassing charge leveled against him

in August, when he was collecting signatures for a ballot measure outside a Costco store

. According to

the Colorado Springs Gazette
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, the judge tossed out the case because the officer who issued the ticket changed the date on it. But rather than celebrating this stroke of luck, Bruce complained, naturally. He's been eager for his day in court because he wants to protest the horrendous violation of his constitutional rights that took place in the shadow of the aforementioned superstore -- so the ticket was rewritten following the dismissal, with a new court date set for October 14. Even so, Bruce still isn't happy. The


reports that he "wanted the judge to step down, arguing that as a city employee and an appointee, he could not be neutral." This wish could precipitate yet another refiling, this time in El Paso County court.

Last year, you may recall that Bruce was caught on camera booting (sort of) a Rocky Mountain News cameraman. But the pain he causes others on a regular basis stings a lot longer than any kick.

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