The Fine Art of Capitalism: Then and Now

William Henry Jackson, 1843-1942

Job before becoming a photographer: Civil War soldier, bullwhacker for a freighting company along the Oregon Trail.

Beginning of photography career: Opened a studio in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1868.

Moved to Denver: 1880.

Name of company: W.H. Jackson Photo Co.

Corporate sponsors: Union Pacific Railroad, Hayden Survey, Rocky Mountain News, the World Transportation Commission, Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.

Legacy: First to photograph many famous places, including what is now Yellowstone National Park and the ruins at Mesa Verde; his pictures also inspired tourism, development throughout the West and even a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. He took more than 800,000 photos over his lengthy career.

John Fielder, 1950 -

Job before becoming a photographer: General manager at May D&F department store, Southglenn Mall.

Beginning of photography career: Opened Westcliffe Publishers in Englewood in 1981.

Moved to Denver: 1972.

Name of company: Westcliffe Publishers.

Corporate sponsors: Nearly two dozen, including Public Service Company, Norwest Bank, Rocky Mountain News, Berger Funds, Wiesner Publishing, Ciber Incorporated, KN Energy and the Cherry Creek Shopping Center.

Legacy: One of the most prolific and well-known nature photographers in Colorado; his work can be seen on coffee tables and walls all over the country. He has produced 26 books and more than 100 calendars.

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